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#0071Validation of Lead-Cooled Reactors

Development, Calculation and Experimental Validation of the Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor Concept (including the Comparison of Critical and Subcritical Reactor with External Proton Source)

#0336Reactor for Neutron Therapy

Designing of the Specialized Small-Sized Medical Reactor for Neutron- and Neutron-Capture Therapy

#0353Hybrid Reactor TEC-NIP

Hybrid Reactor (TEC-NIT) Conceptual Design Development

#0442Blanket Driven by Accelerator

Shut down Reactor Transformation into Subcritical Neutron Source. Control and Safety System Substantiation and Development.

#0487Self-Quenching Pulse Reactor

Development and Computational-Experimental Validation of the Concept of Self-Quenching Multi-channel Pulse Graphite Reactor (MIGR) for the Studies on Nuclear Reactor Safety.

#0562Electronuclear Power Facility

Development of the Physical Substantiations of Electronuclear Power Installation.

#0569Chernobyl Accident Analysis

Analysis of Accident Evolution and Consequences for the 4th Block Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

#0607Improved Control System for NPP

Development of Construction Concepts for Computerized Control, Monitoring and Diagnostic System for Nuclear Power Plants with Improved Safety.

#0695EOS Reactor Fuel

Development of the Equations of State for Fuel Compositions, which Take into Account the Microstructure Accumulation Kinetics its Use for Simulation of the Fuel Failure Consequences in Nuclear Reactors of VariousType. (Continuation of the project 003)

#0696Patent Information on Nuclear Reactors

Analysis of Perspective Technical Solutions of Nuclear Power Facilities on the Basis of Patent Information Study.

#0837Proton LINAC for Transmutation

Design, Manufacture and Test of the Prototypes of Accelerating Structures for Reliable Radiation-clean High Power Proton Linac

#0911Start-up Problems of Spherical Tokomak

Start-up, Neutron Fueling and Material Problems of a Spherical Tokomak reactor

#1576Neutrons Thermonuclear Amplificator

Thermonuclear Amplificator of Neutrons by Fission Fragments (THERANFF)

#1755Experimental Modeling of Accelerator - Blanket System

Experimental Study of Fast and Fast-Thermal Accelerator Driven Systems on the Basis of BFS-1 – Microtron Complex

#1761Nuclear Lagoon

Nuclear Lagoon for Biomass Photosynthesis with Use of Radioluminescent Radiation of Nuclear-Optical Converter

#2214Innovative Reactor Concepts and Fuel Cycles

Analysis, Substantiation and Agreeing of Innovative Reactor Technologies and Fuel Cycles Acceptability Criteria: Nuclear, Radiation and Environmental Safety, Economics and Non-Proliferation

#2787Moderators for Pulsed Neutron Source

Research and Development of an Optimal Neutron Moderators Configuration for IBR-2M Pulsed Neutron Source

#2878Generation IV Reactor with Solid Coolant

Innovative Concept Development for Solid Coolant Reactor of Generation IV

#2928High-Temperature Liquid Metal Coolant

Liquid Metal Coolant for High-Temperature Fast Reactors

#3012Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel

Calculational-Theoretical and Design Studies, Preparation of Experimental Works on the Substantiation of the Conceptual Design of Small Power Installation MARS (Autonomous Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel)