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#0372Problems of Catastrophe Protection

Investigation of a Complex of Scientific and Technical Problems on Protection Against Seismic Effects, Air Shock Wave, Penetrating Radiation and Electromagnetic Effects Influencing on the High-Ecological Danger Enterprises of National Economy...

#0479Hydroacoustic Protection of NPP

Development of Physical and Circuit-engineering Principles for the Construction of a Universal Hydroacoustic System Protecting NPP Water Area Perimeters and Water Intakes, Oil-loading Terminals, Oil and Gas Production Off-shore Platforms, Ports...

#0499Computer Vision Technology

New Computer Vision Technology for Object Identification on Patterns and 3D shape Reconstruction on Stereo Image.

#0505Electromagnetic Compatibility of NPP

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety of Nuclear Power Plants.

#0566Residual of NPP-Reactors

The Establishment of Methodology for Determining Residual Resource of NPP Reactors Power Vessels.

#0860Reactivity Burst in VVER Reactor

Study of the Conditions for the Reactivity Burst Occurrence at the Reflood Phase of a Loss-of-Coolant-Accident in VVER-type Reactors

#0970Conditions of Ignition and Combustion of Graphite in NPP-Reactor

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Ignition and Combustion of Reactor Graphite under Conditions of Accident at the Fourth Reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

#0989Control of Nuclear Materials

Development of an Apparatus for Nuclear Material Control Using a Pulsed Neutron Generator

#1048Electromagnetic-Acoustic System

Development of Electromagnetic-Acoustic System for Non-Destructive Testing of Cooling Systems of Nuclear Reactors

#1257Safety of Helium Cooled Reactor

Calculations for Validation of Safety and Design of Safety Systems for Helium Modularised Reactor with Gas Turbine ( GT-MHR) and Plutonium as a Fuel

#1288Safe Type of Transference for Spent Fuel

Safe Transference of Spent Fuel Assemblies from Near-Reactor Storage Pools to Long-term "Dry" Storage

#1406Metal Hydride Drive for Reactor Protection

Development of Metal Hydride Drive for Nuclear Reactor Passive Emergency Protection System

#1603Data Encoding in Nuclear Materials Protection

Development and Testing of Encoding/Decoding Prototype Device for the Databases of Material Protection, Control and Accounting Systems

#1625Nuclear Accident Countermeasures Efficiency

Methodology and Software for Evaluating Effectiveness of Countermeasures in Case of Nuclear Accidents as Integral Part of the RODOS (Continuation of ISTC 513-97)

#1626Optical Tomograph for Fissile Solutions

Optical Tomograph for Gassing Dynamic Control on Tracks of Fission Fragments for Facilities of Storage and Operation of Fissile Solutions

#1679Radiation Safety Thermal-Hydraulic Codes

Verification of Thermal and Hydraulic Codes, Used for Safety Justification of Russian VVER NPPs

#1710Evaluation Software for Physical Protection Systems

Development of Informational-Analytic System and Software to Evaluate the System of Physical Protection of Nuclear Hazardous Objects and Delivery of Recommendations to Upgrade its Effectiveness

#1715Capillary Cement Materials

Research of Properties of Capillary Cement Materials (CCM) and of Possibility of their Application for Want of Construction and Repair of Objects with a Radiation Load

#1738Computer Assessment of MPC&A Systems

Developing the Computerised Procedure Intended to Dynamically Assess the Efficiency of the Nuclear Material Physical Protection, Control and Accounting (MPC&A) System and to Optimize Expenditures Associated with Hazardous Facility Protection and Security

#1827Risk Assesment for Nuclear Materials Storage

Adaptation of the Technique Based on the Logical-Probabilistic Safety Theory Statements for Evaluating the Risk of Emergency Situations at the Facilities Containing Nuclear Materials