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#0250Monte-Carlo Reactor Codes

Development of Reactor Lifetime Precise Calculation Code on Base of Monte-Carlo Method.

#0969Neutron Data for Thorium Cycle

Measurement and Evaluation of the Thorium Fuel Cycle Neutron Data

#1069Double-Differential Measurements of Cm-248

Double-Differential Prompt Neutron Spectra Measurements in 248cm Spontaneous Fission. Calculation and Evaluation of Prompt Neutron Spectra in Fission of Neptunium, Americium and Curium Isotopes

#1191Cross Sections for Transmutation

Measurement of Reaction Cross Sections Leading to Production and Destruction of Radioactive Materials

#1251Experiments with Cylindrical Proton Target

Neutron- and Heat- Physical Experiments with Cylindrical Targets Bombarded with Medium-Energy Protons

#1319Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting

Development of Automated Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting (NMC&A) Methods for Fissile Material Storage Fasilities (FMSF)

#1447Evaluated Data on Nuclear Related Materials

Evaluated Data Exchange Properties of Substances and Materials Utilized and Produced by Nuclear Industry

#1603Data Encoding in Nuclear Materials Protection

Development and Testing of Encoding/Decoding Prototype Device for the Databases of Material Protection, Control and Accounting Systems

#1669Beryllium Radiation Damageability

Systematizating the Results of the 30-year Research on Beryllium Damageability in a Wide Range of Irradiation Temperatures and Neutron Fluences. Preparation and Publication of the Book "Beryllium Radiation Demageability"

#1749Fission Cross Sections for Minor Actinides

Measurements of the Cross Sections of Fast and Resonance Neutrons Induced Fission of Minor Actinides for Their Transmutation with Accelerator-Driven Systems

#2199Neutron Cross-Sections and Level Density for Fission-Products, Th, 233-U

Neutron Cross-Sections in Resonance Energy Range and Nuclear Level Density for Fission-Products, Th, 233-U

#2603A Database of Critical Experiments

Development of a Database on Description of BFS and KOBR Critical Experiments and Their Interfacing with Analytical Tools

#2604Fission Fragments Angular Measurements

Fission Fragment Angular Distribution Measurements in the Energy Interval 20-200 Mev on a Spallation Neutron Source; Method Development, Manufacturing of Installation and Performing Measurements

#2635Nuclear Data Reactions Data Base for Internet

The Integrated Relational Database of the Nuclear Data Reaction References in the Internet Created on the Base of CINDA, EXFOR Libraries and Other Sources

#2661Reactors with Lead Сoolant

Analytical and Experimental Substantiation of Neutron-Physical Characteristics of Fast Reactors with Lead Coolant

#2695Bi-213 Generator for Radiotherapy

Development of Ac-225/Bi-213 Generator and Radiopharmaceuticals on the Basis of Bi-213 Eluate for Radiotherapy

#2884Minor Actinides Cross-Sections

Integral Experiments at BFS Critical Facilities for Justification of Minor Actinides Transmutation and Their Analysis

#2925Nuclear Data for Minor Actinides Transmutation

Measurement of Transmutation Properties of Minor Actinides Irradiated in Intermediate Reactor Neutron Spectrum

#2933Fuel Technology for Power Water Reactor

Theoretical Substantiation of Vacancy Doping Oxide Fuel for its Deep Burn Up into PWR

#2962Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Dynamics of Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources of Periodic Operation