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#0723-2Recycling Weapon-grade U and Pu in U-Th Closed-cycle Reactors

Conceptual Studies for Use of High-Enriched (Weapon-Grade) Uranium and Plutonium and Power Plutonium under Conversion of Thermal Reactors to the Closed Thorium-Uranium Cycle

#1168MGD-Nozzle Chamber for Thermonuclear Ignition

Development of an MHD-Nozzle Device for Further Additional Compression of Plasma and for Obtaining Thermonuclear Reaction Ignition Conditions

#1671Iodine-129 Burial

Development of Iodine-129 Separation During Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Concentrating and Obtaining of the Forms, Suitable for a Long Term Storage of Burial

#1984Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Spent Fusion Fuel

Development of a Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Recovery of a Spent T-D Mixture of Fusion Facilities

#2034Environmental Safety of Extraction Reprocessing

Improvement in Environmental Safety of Irradiated Material Extraction Reprocessing

#2112Spent Fuel Handling in Severodvinsk

The Transport and Technological Plan of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in Severodvinsk

#2698Tungsten Nuclear Data

Evaluation and Integral Validation of Nuclear Data of Tungsten – Candidate Material of Fusion Reactor Diverter

#2815Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Cask Storage

Development of Software for Numerical Analysis of Fuel Temperature States and Heat- and Mass-Transfer Processes in RBMK-1000 SNF Casks at the Main Steps of Preparing Fuel to Dry Long-Term Storage, Numerical Studies

#2910Interaction of Nitric Acid with Organic Compounds

Research of Characteristics and Dynamics of Exothermic Reaction Runaway of Nitric Acid with Organic Compounds in Heterogeneous Systems

#2931Liquid Metal Coolant for Reactors

Experimental and Theoretical Verification of a Precision Method for Electronic Controlling the RedOx-Potential of Molten Salts for Reactors, Transmutation of Long-Lived RW, and Non-Aqueous Reprocessing SNF

#2933Fuel Technology for Power Water Reactor

Theoretical Substantiation of Vacancy Doping Oxide Fuel for its Deep Burn Up into PWR

#2967Tellurium-125m Generator

Development of Process Flowsheet for Separation of Tellurium-125m from Antimony-125 and Production of Pilot Sample of Tellurium-125m Generator

#3033Translation of the Book “Britain and the H-Bomb”

Preparation and Translation of the Book "Britain and the H-Bomb" by Lorna Arnold into Russian Language (with Comments to Russian Edition)

#3064Monograph "Radiowaste Transmutation"

Monograph "Physics of Nuclear Reactor Long-lived Radiowastes Incineration (Neutron Induced Transmutation)"

#3113Deep-Burnable Glass Micro-Fuel

Theoretical and Conceptual Substantiation of Deep-Burnable Glass Micro-Fuel for Fast Reactors

#3611Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Intermediate Storage

A System Approach to the Analysis of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Intermediate Storage

#3769Analysis of Nuclear Spent Fuel

Methods for Non-Destructive Analysis of Fuel in Chemical Reprocessing of Nuclear Power-Plant Spent Fuel

#3880Yields of Residual Nuclei from Proton-Irradiated Materials

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Residual Nuclide Production in 40-2600 MeV Proton-Irradiated Thin Targets of ADS Basic Materials

#K-1304Liquid Wastes of Uranium Production

Development of Process for Deep Recovery of Radionuclides from Liquid Wastes of Uranium Production Facility of JSC “UMP”, in Order to Prevent Radiological and Technogenic Impact on the Environment

#K-2421Lithium. Tritium.

Hydrogen Isotopes Interaction with Lithium Surfaces of Various States under Reactor Irradiation