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#0886Prediction of Biological Activity

Creation of a Computer System for the Prediction of Biological Activity of Chemical Compounds on the Basis of Molecular Recognition Modeling

#1609Microscale Ion Chromatography

Development and Investigation of New Elements for Microscale Ion Chromatography

#1856Electroosmosis of Gases

Electroosmosis of gases. Experimental investigations. Mathematical modeling

#2220Spectrophotometry with Internal Standardization

Method for Precise Determination of Metals in their Solutions by Means of Spectrophotometry with Internal Standardization

#2238Plutonium's Behavior in Aqueous Environments

Study of Plutonium’s Electrochemistry and Dissolving in Different Aqueous Environments

#2741Development of Method for Actinides Determining

Development of Express and High-Sensitive Liquid Scintillation Alpha-Spectrometric Method of Determining Actinides in Process Solutions from Radiochemical and Isotope Production and in Environmental Samples

#2959Encapsulation of High-Level Radwaste

High-Level Radioactive Waste Encapsulation with the Use of Pyrocarbon and Silicon Carbide Coatings

#3265Biocatalyst for Preparation of Glycosides

Promising Biocatalysts for Preparing Natural Medicinal Glycosides

#3280Explosive Trace Sampling from Fingers

Automatic Device for Sampling Trace Explosive Concentrations from the Fingers is a Key Component of a Walk-through Portal of a Security System

#3287Metal test of Expired Breath

Metal-Test of Expired Breath – New Way to Noninvasive Diagnostic

#3317Diagnostics of Oxidative Stress

Express Diagnostics of Oxidant/Antioxidant, SH - S-S and Micro Element Balance of Human Organism with the Use of Electrochemical Sensors and Measuring Instruments

#3395Thermochemistry for Liquid Radwaste Treatment

Development of Thermochemical Technology for Liquid Radwaste Pre-Disposal Treatment

#3712Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity Prognosis

Development of Hydrogeochemical Method for Separate Prognosis of Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity by Polyarenes with Fine-Structure Luminescent Spectroscopy by the First Borehole

#3850The Electrophoretic Determination oF Biological Active Substances

The Strategy of the Сhoice of Analytical Method for Determination of Bioactive Substances (Steroids, Neurotransmitters, Proteins and Natural Antioxidants) in Biological Objects (Urine, Blood, Tears at al.)

#3875Electrochemical Sensors for Determination of Urea

Design of Electrochemical Enzyme Free Sensors for Determination of Urea and Other Biogenic Amines

#3956Oil Searching via Oil Occurrence “Breath”

Elaboration of the Effective Method for Oil Searching Via Direct Geochemical Investigations of Oil Occurrence “Breath”

#4001Directed Oxidation of Structural Materials

Development of Technology for Directed Oxidation of Structural Materials, Investigation of Composition and Protective Properties of Nanocomposites

#4052Fire Protective Coatings

Fire Retardand /Heat Resistant Paint, Primer Insulation and Other Materials

#G-1643Antioxidant System and Bronchial Asthma

The Study of Antioxidant Defense System Role in Bronchial Asthma: Development of Electrochemical Methods for the Evaluation of Antioxidant System Status

#G-1767Complex Potassium/Nitrogen Fertilizers

Technology Process Development for Production of Standard-Type Complex Potassium/Nitrogen Fertilizers