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#0356Chemical Reactions Kinetics

Kinetics of the Chemical Reactions in Deformed System.

#0648Study of Carbonyl Complexes

Synthesis and Study of Technetium (I) and Rhenium (I) Hydrophilic Carbonyl Complexes and Radiopharmaceuticals on their Basis

#1156Energy Rich Materials

Development and Basic Study of Intercalated Energy Rich Materials and Strong Oxidizers

#1307Spherical Adsorbers and Catalysts from Aluminium Oxides

Development of Multiaimed Low-Waste Technology of Production of Spherical Aluminium Oxide and Catalysts and Adsorbents on its Base which Allows to Solve Urgent Ecological Problems in Various Branches of Industry

#1436.2New Bronchodilators

Search and Development of New Bronchodilators with Prolonged Action

#1528Safety of Header and Effluent Disposal Systems

Studies of Chemical and Fluid Processes Important to the Operational Safety of Header and Effluent Disposal Systems in Chemical and Hydrocarbon Process Plant

#1564Superhigh Pressure of Hydrogen Isotopes Installation

Elaboration of the "Technical Project" of the Installation for the Superhigh Pressure of Hydrogen Isotopes

#1657Zinc Diethyl Risk Assessment

Toxicological and Hygienic Risk Assessment of Zinc Diethyl Autooxidation and Hydrolysis Products at Normal Temperature and Air Humidity. Synthesis and Analysis of Physical and Chemical Properties of Zinc Diethyl Transformation Products

#1683New High Light Scintillators

Development of New Scintillators with High Light Yield for Use in Nuclear Physics and Medicine

#1876New Antihypertensive Agents

Search and Investigations of Antihypertensive Action Among 1-Alkyl-2-acyl-glycerides

#2119NewAntimetastatic Drugs

Development of Novel Efficient Antimetastatic Drugs Based on Metabolically Active Donors of Nitrogen Monoxide

#2326Bi-functional Amines as Antiarrhythmics

Development of Methods of Synthesis of Functional-Replaced Amines and Creation on their Basis Antiarrhythmics of New Generation

#2388Fluorescence Materials with Long Afterglow

Development of High-Effective Light-Reserving Fluorescence Materials with Long-Lived Afterglow for a Wide Spectrum of Applications

#2451Optimization of Catalytic Processes

Optimization of Unsteady-State Heterogeneous Catalytic Processes

#2489Synthesis and Study of New Hybrid Antibiotics

Synthesis of New Hybrid Molecules Based on Derivatives of Rifamycin and Fluoroquinolones and Study of Their Properties with Respect to Multiple Resistant Mycobacteria as Dependent on the Nature of the Molecule Substitutes

#2504Optimization of Fullerene-Like Structures Production

Optimization of the Procedure for Fullerene-Like Structures Production

#2555New materials for Osseous Implants

Development of New Materials for Various Types of Osseous Implants

#2602The Use of Aza- and Diazabicyclononanes for Human Life Maintenance

Synthesis, Studies, and Application of Aza- and Diazabicyclononanes as Complexing Agents, Preparations for Radiation Hygiene, and Medicines

#2667New Sorbents for Water Decontamination

Synthesis of Sorbents of the New Type and Development of the Sorbent-Based High Performance Technologies for Decontamination of Water from Chemical and Radioactive Contaminants

#2717Olefin Polymerization Catalysts

Development of a New Generation of Olefin Polymerization Catalysts Using the Combinatorial Approach and High-Throughput Techniques