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#3957Counteraction against Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear Materials

Development of the Concept on Improving the Normative and Legal Regulation on Combating Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Material in the Russian Federation

#4029Environmental Risks for the Metal Nanopowders

Scientific Aspects of Hazard-Based Classification of Metal Nanopowders, Considering Fire, Explosion and Toxic Release Hazards

#A-1633Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Cooperation

NATO-MATRIX (Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Cooperation)

#A-1655Treatment of Radioactive Wastes

Treatment of Radioactive Wastes of Nuclear Power Plants by their Immobilization into the Stable Matrix Glass-Crystalline Materials – Pyrocerams (Sitalls) on the Base of Natural Minerals

#A-1947Functionally Graded Micro-electromechanical Systems

Modeling and Development of Functionally Graded Micro-electromechanical Systems Operating in Complex Environmental Conditions for Industry

#G-1923Remediation of Soils Polluted by Radionuclides

Development of Methods for Soil Remediation Polluted by Radionuclides on the Example of Georgia

#G-2313Ammonium Nitrate detection

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Effective Detection of Ammonium Nitrate with Inhibitor Modification for Safety Research and Development

#KR-1753Persistent Organic Contaminants of Soils at Kyrgyz Republic

Remediation of Soil Contaminated by Persistent Organic Contaminants at Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1893Soil-Vegetable Cover Restoration of Uranium Tailing

Radiation Monitoring and Soil-Vegetable Cover Restoration of Uranium Tailings in Mountain Conditions of Kadji-Sai and Issyk- Kul Biosphere Territory

#KR-1919Polymer Amendments for Soil Protection

Technology for Polymer Amendments for Soil Eolation and Ablation Protection in Technogenic Areas

#KR-1921Detoxication of Soils Contaminated by Obsolete Pesticides

Demonstration of Integrated Technology for Detoxication of Soils Contaminated by Obsolete Pesticides

#KR-1971Radionuclide Pollution of Biosphere Reserve of Issik-Kul

Risk assessment of pollution with radionuclides "Biosphere Reserve of Issik-Kul" (natural-caused uranium province of Kadji-Say).

#KR-2009Polymer Materials for Remediation of Natural Environments

Demonstration of Technology for Remediation of Technogenic Contaminated Natural Environments Using Polymer Materials

#KR-2077Polymer detoxicants

Complex technology for remediation of technogenic environments using polymer materials

#KR-2193Radio-ecological monitoring of the environment of “Biosphere Reserve Issyk-Kul”

Radio-ecological monitoring of the environment of "Biosphere Reserve Issyk-Kul" using GIS technology

#KR-2214Decontamination of tail-stores of gold extraction factories of Kyrgyzstan

Development of effective methods of decontamination of industrial waters and bottom sediments of tail-stores of gold extraction factories of Kyrgyzstan

#KR-2220Decontamination technologies

Demonstration and application of remediation practices and technologies on the uranium tailings of Kadzhi Say technogenic area

#KR-2283Radioecological mapping of the upper reaches of the Syr Darya (Central Tian-Shan).

International (Kyrgyz-Tajik-Afghan) mapping of the radioecological situation by the results of research of radon and other radioactive isotopes in the upper reaches of the Amur Darya and Syr Darya rivers (mountain ranges of the Tian- Shan and Pamir mounta

#KR-2315Detoxication technologies

Development of novel technologies for removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewater

#KR-2402decontamination technologies

Application of polycomplex technology to prevent wind and water erosion of contaminated soils decontamination technologies