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#0389Ion Implementation into Solid Solution

Investigation of Physico-Chemical Processes During Implantation of Different Types Ions into Triple and Fourfold Solid Solutions on the Basis of A3 B5 Compounds.

#0657-2Explosive Processes in Molecular Systems

Simulation of Explosive Processes in Molecular Systems under the Action of External Factors Using Quantum Chemical and Molecular Dynamics Methods

#1120Nonlinear Optical Elements

Development of Nonlinear Optical elements for Parametric Generation in the Mid-IR Region

#1436.2New Bronchodilators

Search and Development of New Bronchodilators with Prolonged Action

#2255Combustion of Heavy Hydrocarbons at Ultrahigh Pressure

Ignition and Combustion of Heavy Hydrocarbons at Ultrahigh Pressure: Detailed Kinetics of Process and Pollutants Formation

#2606Thermal Decomposition of HEs Included in Industrial Perforating Systems

Predictive Model for Estimating the Effects Produced by Thermal Decomposition of HE Included in Perforating Systems of the Oil and Gas Industry on Their Normal Operation in Boreholes under Various Temperature and Time Conditions

#2844Nanostructures of Conducting Polymers

Electrocatalytic Synthesis and Investigation of the Properties of Nanostructures on the Basis of Conducting Polymers Using Ionic Liquids as Ecologically Benign Electrolytes and Catalytic Media

#2851Non-Dendritic Solidification Mechanisms of Light Alloys

A Profound Study of Non-Dendritic Solidification Mechanisms at Ultrasonic Cavitation Effect upon the Melt for Obtaining Ultimate Refined Structure in Light Alloy Ingots

#3190Metal Hydrides Formation and Decomposition

Ascertainment of Mechanisms and Evaluation of Rate Constants of Metal Hydrides Decomposition and Formation

#3387Lead-Free Bismuth-Containing Solders

Lead-Free Bismuth-Containing Solders

#3450Glass-Forming Charge for Hydrogen Containers

Theory and Methods of Glass-Forming Charge Synthesis to Produce Hydrogen Micro-Containers

#3510Endohedral Metallofullerenes

Molecular-Dynamic and Quantum Chemical Simulation of Properties and Formation Processes of Endohedral Metallofullerenes

#3603New Energy Materials Based on Non-Molecular Nitrogen

Search for New Energy Materials based on Metastable Cluster and Polymeric Forms of Non-Molecular Nitrogen by Means of Computer Modeling from the First Principles, and Experimental Researches

#3671Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Carcinogens

Investigation of the Correlation Between Physico-Chemical and Medico-Biological Characteristics of Organic Chemicals

#3801Environmental Friendly Fire Suppressants

Development of Novel Effective Fire Suppressants and Fire-Fighting Means Based on Solid Propellant Gas Generators

#4042Removal of Free Hemoglobin from Blood Plasma

Development of Electrochemically Controlled Removal of Free Hemoglobin from Blood Plasma by Polarized Electroconductive Affinity Sorbents Containing Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles

#A-1016Synthesis and Properties Study of Nanostructures

Obtaining and Research of Physico-Chemical and Catalytic Properties of Nanosize Metals, Oxides, Carbides and Modified Natural Adsorbents

#A-1407Structure of molecules in orienting media

The Systematic Study of the Three-Dimensional Structure of Molecules in Orienting Liquid Crystalline Media

#A-1630Biologically Important Metalloporphyrin Reactions with Small Molecules

Mechanistic Studies of Metalloporphyrin Reactions with Small Molecules Relevant to the Regulatory Roles of Heme Proteins in Mammalian Biology

#A-1637Nonlinear Optical Piezoelectric Materials

New Nonlinear Optical, Piezoelectric, Pyroelectric Materials Based on L-Nitroarginine