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#0361Petroleum Products Detection by Lasers

Investigation of Lines of Development of a Shipborne Nature-oriented Laser System for Petroleum Products Detection, Diagnostics and Cleaning off from Water Surface.

#0577Lakes Contamination after Chernobyl Accident

Radioecological Consequences of Contamination of the Lakes after the Chernobyl Accident and Analysis of Rehabilitation Measures.

#0917Improved Sewage Purification

Power saving Technologies in the Process of Sewage Purification

#0953Migration Flows Prevention

Development of a Technology of Construction Complexes for the Protection of the Earth's Interior from Migration Flows Using Technical Tools of Borehole Hydromechanization

#1290Cyclotron for Production of Nuclear Track Membranes

"Track". Development of the Complex on the Basis of the USTU-UPI 120-cm Cyclotron for Production of Nuclear Track Membranes and Investigation of their Separation Characteristics

#1300Water Purification from Uranium

Fundamentals Development of Purification Technology of Uranium Containing Waste Water by Means of Cation Flocculants and Setting up the Production of the Most Effective of Them at OAO NZHK

#1331High Voltage Discharge for Antiseptics

Development of Technology and Creation of Experimental Devices for Materials Antiseptic Processing on the Base of High Voltage Discharge in Liquid and Gas

#1558Water Surface Oil Monitoring

Development of HF-DF Laser Technology to Measure the Size and Evolution of Oil Spills on Water Surfaces

#1609Microscale Ion Chromatography

Development and Investigation of New Elements for Microscale Ion Chromatography

#1724Pollution Distribution in Aeration Zone

Physical and Chemical Hydrodynamics of Pollution Distribution in Soil Aeration Zone: Computer Simulation and Structure Models

#1843Electron-Beam Purification of Waste Water

Electron-Beam Removal of Organic Admixtures from Industrial Wastewaters Including Liquid Radioactive Wastes

#1923Contamination Composition of the Ob'-Irtysh System

Comparative Evaluation of Input Weight of Radioactive Contamination Sources of Different Genesis In The Ob'-Irtysh River System

#1939Biomineralogical Water Decontamination

Development of Biomineralogical Methods of Water Decontamination from Actinides, Sr-90 and Cs-137

#2053Metals in the Environment

Metals in the Environment. The Development of Methods of an Atomic Absorption Analysis

#2238Plutonium's Behavior in Aqueous Environments

Study of Plutonium’s Electrochemistry and Dissolving in Different Aqueous Environments

#2303Model for Radioactive Waste Treatment

Development and Study of New Statistical and Technological Models for Radioactive Waste Treatment

#2397Development of Technology of Ecotoxicological Control

Development of the System of Ecotoxicological Control in the Territories Subjected to Radioactive and/or Chemical Contamination

#2492Beta and Gamma Activity Indicator for Ground Water

Development and Test of the Beta-, Gamma-Activity Indicator of the Radioactive Subterranean Waters

#2494Liquid Medium Toxicity and Pollution Indicator

Express Analysis of Liquid Medium Toxicity and Pollution Device to Control Clearing Process

#2591Microorganisms Destruction by Powerful Impulse Optical Radiation

A Study of the Mechanisms of Microorganisms Destruction in Transparent Water Environments by the Powerful Impulse Optical Radiation