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#0059-2Disposal and Long-Term Storage of Long-Lived Radionuclides

Disposal and Long-Term Storage in Geological Formations of Solid HLW and ILW Containing Long-Lived Radionuclides

#0468Extractants for Nuclear Decontamination

Molecular Design of Extractants to Resolve Tasks Relevant to Ecology and NPP Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing.

#0567Gas Centrifuge Theory

Theoretical Fundamentals for Multicomponent Isotope Separation by a Gas Centrifuge.

#1060Reprocessing of Metal Waste Using Powder Technologies

Elaboration of the Methods and Environmentally Clean Processes and Equipment to Convert the Dust-Like and Sludge Waste of Metal Working into Commercial Products Using Powder Technologies

#1247Barriers Improving Environment Safety

Development of the Engineered Barriers to Assure the Improvement of Environmental Safety for Objects in the Nuclear Power Industry

#1361Safe Uranium Waste Storage

Development of Technology for Fire and Explosion Safe Storage of Wastes from Industrial Processing of Metallic Uranium

#1446Radiowaste Disposal in the Permafrost

Development and Substation of Main Technical Solution for Underground Isolation of Permafrost of Radioactive Wastes Including Reactor Sections of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines and Ice-Breakers and Spent Nuclear Fuel, Not Intended for Reprocessing, For

#1703Waste Reprocessing with Heat Production

Utilisation of the Energy Released from Processing Municipal Solid Waste for Desalination of Sea Water

#1707Safety Evaluation for Shallow Waste Repositories

Development of Methodological Bases of an Evaluation of Safety of an Environment in Conditions of Productions Operation on a Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes in Shallow Ground Repositories

#1765Gas-Explosion Destruction of Chemical Munitions

Validation of Gas-Explosion Destruction of Explosion-Hazardous Chemical Munitions

#1905Fuel Briquettes from Sawdust

Development of technology for reprocessing of wood – working industry waste (sawdust) into fuel briquettes of “sawdust firewood” type

#1921Installation for Demercuryzation

Mining of the Mobile Installation Demercurization of Small-Sized Articles Inclusive Hydrargyrum and it's Connection

#2126Disposal of Elemental-Organic Wastes

Development of New Ecologically-Safe Methods for Disposal of Elemental-Organic Wastes which Can Produce the Solid Phase During the Burning Process

#2284Immobilization and Safe Storage of Plutonium Actinide Wastes

Nuclear Safe Ceramics for Compact Storage and Immobilization of Plutonium and Nuclear Power Engineering Actinide-Containing Wastes

#2394Mobile Systems for Destruction of Toxicants

Development of Limited-Scale Mobile Systems for Local Destruction of Highly Toxic Substances

#2608Hexogen and Octogen Utilization

Development of Scientific Grounds and Technologies for Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX) and Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine (HMX) Utilization

#2804Body-Van for Hazardous Objects

Specialized Body-Van for Mechanized Loading Localization and Transportation of Explosives and Environmentally-Hazardous Objects

#2950Vitrificated Nuclear Waste

Verification of the New Model of Leaching of Vitrificated Nuclear Waste Using a Single Pass Flow-Through Test Method – Participation in the International Program

#2959Encapsulation of High-Level Radwaste

High-Level Radioactive Waste Encapsulation with the Use of Pyrocarbon and Silicon Carbide Coatings

#3203Utilization of Spent Filters Contaminated with Radioactive Materials

Development of Know-How of Utilization of Spent Filters in Exhaust Ventilation Air Ducts Contaminated with Radioactive Materials