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#0933Recovery of Carbon-Containing Wastes

Design and Construction of a Pilot Industrial Line for Recovery of Carbon-containing Wastes

#1108Safe Handling of Waste Products

Elaboration of Chemical Engineering Processes for the Safe Handling of Beryllium Waste Products

#1368Utilisation of Lithium Containing Wastes

Fundamentals Development of Technology and Development of a Pilot Plant for Utilisation of Lithium Containing Wastes at OAO NZHK

#1568Super Toxic Agents Neutralization Technology

Adaptation of the High-temperature Rocket Technology of Neutralization of Super Toxic Agents to Mobile and Stationary Complexes (Introduction of the Results of ISTC Project #265)

#1687Cleaning of Exhaust and industrial Gases

Development of Devices for Clearing of Exhaust and Industrial Gases with Use of Perspective Technologies

#2380Design Documents for Barodestruction of Automobile Tyres

Elaboration of Design Documents for the Equipment of the Plant Implementing Barodestruction Technology of Recycling Post-consumer Steel-Belted Car Tyres

#2385Utilization of Polyethileneterephtolate Waste Unfit for Natural Decomposition

New Methods of Utilization of Polyethileneterephtolate Waste Unfit for Natural Decomposition

#2756Fissile Material Aerosol Control

Development of the Method and Equipment Complex for Determination of Fissile Material Dispersion and Amount by Means of Track Detectors

#2850Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams

Perspective and Ecological Pure Technology of Gas-Dynamic Opening of Oil Containing Seams for Purpose of Intensification of Hydrocarbonic Fuel Production

#2940Utilization of Solid Organic Waste

New Methods of Utilization of Polyethileneterephthalate Waste Unfit for Self-Decomposition

#3150Monitoring of Food and Water in Kirov

Environment Monitoring of Food and Water in Kirov

#3168Materials with Antiseptic Protection

Recycling the Solid Industrial and Household Wastes to the New Family of Composite Materials with Antiseptic Protection

#3322Utilization of Secondary Plastic Materials Unfit to Decomposition

Purification of Environment from Secondary Polyethileneterephthalate Waste on the Base of Development of Resource-Saving Manufacture of High-Performance Goods

#3400Solid Rocket Motor Disposition

The Development of the Pilot-Industrial Technology of Utilization (Destruction) of the Charges of Large-Size Solid Propellant Rocket Motors

#3481Tire Rubber Recicling

Energy-Efficient Technology for Recycling of Tire Rubber Using Explosive Cutting Followed by Shear Grinding

#3661Shields for Waste Disposal

Development of the Technique of Quantitative Calculation of Artificial Shields Efficiency as Geochemical Barriers at Radioactive and Toxic Waste Disposal

#4059Fuel Production from Organic Raw Materials

Development of Complex Technique of High-Energy Fuel Production from Low-Calorie Organic Raw Material

#A-1468Radiation Monitoring in Armenia

Radiation Monitoring of the Territory of Armenia and of the Armenian Enterprises in Order to Detect Orphan Radioactive Sources and to Dispose of These Sources in Accordance with the Established Procedure

#A-709Wasteless Recycling of Vegetation Raw Materials

Technology Justification and Development of Mechanization Means and Automaton of Technological Processes of Wasteless Treatment (Recycling) of Vegetable Raw Materials

#A-931Microalgae Chlorella for Drugs Destruction

Development of the Method and Technology of Destruction Medicines by Biotechnological Method with Use of Microalgae Chlorella