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#0297Radiation Monitoring of Earth Surface and Atmosphere

Development of Methods of Observation of the Radiation Conditions on the Earth's Surface and in the Atmosphere for Monitoring from a Space Vehicle.

#0315Ionization Method of Chemicals Monitoring

Investigation of a Nuclear-Ionization Method to Evaluation on Industrial Chemical Pollutants Instrumental Monitoring.

#0328Multiwave Lidar for Atmosphere Monitoring

Creation of a Multiwave Lidar for Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring.

#0396Microwave Environmental Monitoring

Development of the Millimeter Wave Complex, Intended for Environmental Control of Nuclear, Chemical and Power Production Facilities.

#0430Shallow Water Investigations

A System of Hardware, Software and Technical Means for Conducting Shallow Water Investigations.

#0432Autonomous Robots

Autodriver (Control Systems for Mobile Autonomous Robots)

#0535-2North-West Region Monitoring

Ecological Assessment of the Region, Where Radioactivity Dangerous Enterprises are Located. North-West Region of Russia. Methodological Approaches to the Organizing of Ecological Monitoring System in the Vicinity of Nuclear Facilities. Part 2

#0556Position-Sensitive Detection

The Inspectional Position-sensitive Detection Instruments for the Nuclear Materials Control.

#0585Epidemiological Inspection

Control of Human Environment: an Information/Analytical Support System for Territorial Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection, Public Health, and Nature Management Services in Areas (Towns) where Industries Hazardous to Health or Safety are Located.

#0604Control of Population Irradiation

Development of Instruments and Methods for the System of Environmental Radiation Monitoring and Control of Irradiation of Population in Russia.

#0627.3Airborne monitoring

Complex Investigations of Possible Reduction of Aviation Impact on the Environment and it's Utilisation for Ecological Monitoring

#0660Remote Detection of Radioactivity

Development and Test of an Optical System Prototype for Radioactivity Source Remote Detection

#0663On-line Control of Iodine-129

Iodine -129 and Nitrogen Oxides Monitoring at a Radiochemical Plant and in Air

#0736Mossbauer Molecular Spectroscopy

Analytical Gamma-Resonance (Mossbauer) Molecular Spectroscopy

#0790Integrated System for Ecological Monitoring

Perfection of Methodology and Development of Optimal Technique for Multilevel Ecological Monitoring Based on Integrated Use of Manned Spacecraft, Aircraft and Ground-based Means for Geoinformation

#0824Radiation Monitoring of Nizhni Novgorod Region

Complex System for Radiation Prospecting and Monitoring of Nizhni Novgorod Region

#0914Radiation Conditions in the Kalmyk Republic

Complex Research of Environmental Radiation in the Kalmyk Republic

#0955Radar Remote Sensing

Subsurface radar Remote Sensing of Earth from Space in Interests of National Economy and Ecology

#1042Space System for Controlling Emergency Situations on the Earth

Space Technology for the Centralized Emergency Control. (Monitoring of Nuclear Power Facilities for the Normal Operation and Emergency; Monitoring of the Nuclear Sites' Influence on the Radiation Situation and Other Ecological Factors).

#1083Tritium Oxide Content Control

Development of Method and Technical Project of the Plant for Thermo-Vacuum Desorption of Tritium Oxide (HTO) from the Environmental Samples