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#0412Radiospectroscophy of Bio-Products

Development of Noninvasive Contact-free Approaches for Monitoring the Production Stages and Controlling the Product Quality by Using Radiospecrtoscopy Methods (NMR, EPR).

#0669Rubomycine Production

Development of Experimental Large-scale Technology and Creation of Technological Line of Rubomicine Production

#0801New Antiseptic Drug

Organization of Experimental Production of Different Marketable Forms Rent Forms of New Antiseptic Drug of Creation Detergents Group - of MYRAMYSTINE

#0803Feed and Food Additives

Development of Feed Additives on the Basis of Spirulina Microalgae Biomass and Experimental Technology of their Production. Development of Immunocorrector Preparation for Medical Application and Laboratory Technology of its Production

#1054Technology of Myelopidum

Development of Technology of Production of Immunomodulating Pharmaceutical Myelopidum

#1434.2Organomineral Fertilizer as Powder Destruction Product

Research and Development of the Technology of Microbiological Degradation of Powder and Production of Organo-Mineral Fertilizer Based on the Destruction Products

#1460Biodegradation of Human Wastes in Space

Elaboration of Microbial Biodegradation Technology Towards Wastes in Space

#1631Bio-Active Component "Bio Bacton"

Development the Industrial Technology to Produce the Bioactive Component "Biobacton" by means of Spray Drying

#1773Bioprotection of Grain Cereals

Technology for Bioprotection of Grain Cereals Against Fusarium Rots with the Object to Get Ecologically Beneficial Production

#2159Production of Biologically Active Copolymers

The Elaboration of Technology for Synthesis of N-vinylpirrolidone/vinylpiridine Copolymers and Producing New Biologically Active Substances Having Immunostimulating Properties on Their Basis

#2163Antiviral Aerosol Preparations

Search of the Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Aerosol Preparations Based on Siberian Silver Fir (Abies Sibirica) Polyprenols


The Crystal L-Tryptophane New Technology


Development of Biological Control Agents Through Use of Recombinant Antagonistic Bacteria Possessing Variable Mechanisms of Antagonisms, High Colonizing Capacity and Marker Traits for their Monitoring in Nature

#2335Laser biotechnological cultivation system

The creation of a laser system for cultivation of microbiological objects aimed at the development of new effective industrial biotechnologies

#2453The Spray Drying Installation

Developing the Spray Drying Installation for Drying of Liquid Bioproducts under Reduced Temperatures of the Heat-Carrier by Productivity up to 10 kg/h

#2470Germanium-Containing Coatings with Combined Biological Effect

Creating Biologically Active Coatings for Fibrous Materials of Medical Purpose Containing Germanium-Organic Compounds and Having Combined Biological Effect, Assessment of their Biological Harmlessness, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Microbic Activity and Stimulating Ef

#3027Biocatalysts for Amides and Carboxylic Acids Synthesis

Biotechnological Method for a Synthesis of Amides and Carboxylic Acids, Acrylic Monomers and Oligomers

#3038Proteolytic Enzymes for Biotechnology

New Generation of Highly Purified Proteolytic Enzymes for Biotechnological Purposes

#3060Strains-producers of bacteriorhodopsin

Construction Strain-Producers of Bacteriorhodopsin and Its Analogs

#3224Biopreparations for Growing of Brewers Barley

Development of the Novel Ecologically Safe Technology for Growing of Brewer's Barley and Malt Production on the Basis of Application of Biopreparations