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#0938Vaccine Against Disease

Grafting of B- and T-cell Epitopes of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus to Recombinant Protein Caf1 of Yersinia Pestis and Use of its Construction as a Vaccine Against Foot-and-Mouth Disease

#2159Production of Biologically Active Copolymers

The Elaboration of Technology for Synthesis of N-vinylpirrolidone/vinylpiridine Copolymers and Producing New Biologically Active Substances Having Immunostimulating Properties on Their Basis

#2396Brucella Vaccine Strains Genotyping

Comparative Molecular-Genetic and Immunochemical Characterization of Brucella Vaccine Strains

#2446Recombinant Brucellosis Vaccine

Recombinant Brucellosis Vaccine Development Using Bacterial Salmonella Vector Expressing Brucella Protective Antigens

#3413Irradiated Solutions for Biotechnology

Study of Properties and Biological Activity of Electrochemical Activated Solutions, its Modification by Radiation Nanosecond Duration for Apply in Medicine and Biotechnologies

#3582Laboratory for Biologically Active Compounds

The Creation of Laboratory for Biologically Active Compounds Synthesis and Investigation Oriented to the Development of Combinatorial Chemistry

#3699Vaccine against Infections Bovine Rhinotracheitis

Development of the Experimental DNA Vaccine Preparation for Induction of Mucosal Immunity Against Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis

#A-1612Cryptosporidiosis and Probiotics

Animal Cryptosporidiosis and Development of Efficacious Probiotics Against It

#A-1716Dog Helminthiases in Armenia

The Problem of Dog Helminthiases and Development of Preventive Measures in Armenia as an Example

#A-1826Soil Contamination by Parasites

Ecological Disasters and Soil Contamination by Infective Forms of Parasites

#B-842.2New Melanin-based Eco- and Enterosorbent

Melanin-based eco-and enterosorbent — new mean for obtainning ecologically clean livestock production (Project Extension)

#G-1037Bacteriophages for Treatment Cow Metritis and Endometritis

Prolonged Acting, High Effective Bacteriophage Preparation for Treatment of Cow Metritis and Endometritis


Development of the phage-probiotic complex for veterinary use

#G-2405“One Health-One Medicine” approach by use of bacteriophages

Development of the universal phage-based preparation against human and animal pathogens: Salmonella spp, E.coli, and Enterococcus spp.

#K-2163PRRS Genetic Varieties Study in RK

Study of the Genetic Varieties of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus in the Regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

#K-378Aerosol Vaccine for Wild Animals

Study of Possibility of Aerosol Immunisation of Wild Artiodactylous Animals

#K-415Anti-Fungal Biopreparations for Animals

Creation of Biopreparation Having Synergistical Effect for Treatment Fungal Diseases of Animals

#K-471Study of Animal's Viral Diseases

Complex Study on Possible Introduction of Extremely Dangerous Viral Diseases of Animals, Detection of Previously Unstudied Causative Agents, Development of Effective Means and Methods of Their Diagnosis and Specific Prophylaxis

#KR-1133Sheep Pox Vaccine

Sheep Pox Vaccine and Its Produce Technology

#KR-1394Amaranthus for Cancer Treatment

Bio-technological aspects of cultivation of Amaranthus paniculate in Kyrgyzstan purposely in treatment of malignant tumors