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#0593Biopreparation Against Sucking Insects

Development of an Ecologically Safe Biopreparation to Control of Sucking Insects

#0926Biopreparation for Plants Protection

Development of Operation Practice of New Marketable form of a Biopreparation - Ecologically Clean Means of Plant Protection

#1169Properties of Delta-Endotoxines

Studies of Molecular Basis of Specificity of Bacillus Thuringiensis delta-Endotoxins by X-ray Structural analysis and Model Analysis

#1773Bioprotection of Grain Cereals

Technology for Bioprotection of Grain Cereals Against Fusarium Rots with the Object to Get Ecologically Beneficial Production

#2161Genetic Ingeeniring of Crop Chloroplast Genome

Improvement of Economically Important Traits of Agricultural Crops by Foreign Gene Expression in Chloroplasts


Development of Biological Control Agents Through Use of Recombinant Antagonistic Bacteria Possessing Variable Mechanisms of Antagonisms, High Colonizing Capacity and Marker Traits for their Monitoring in Nature

#2421Phytohormones for Bioprotection against Radiation Effects

Studies of Protection from Ionizing Radiation of Plant and Animal Organisms using Phytohormones

#2587Restoration of Vegetation Using Plant Growth Regulators

Elaboration of Methods for Restoration of Plant Cover under Intensive Recreation Using a New System of Compounds-Regulators of Plant Growth and Development and Complex Assessment of the Environmental State

#2588New Environmentally Safe Fungicides, Antiseptics, and Bactericides

Synthesis of New Fungicides, Antiseptics, and Bactericides Based on Environmentally Safe Compounds

#2674Ultradispersed Metal Powders for Agricultural Needs

Elaboration of the Ultradispersed Copper, Iron, Zinc Powder Production Know-How and Presowing Seed Treatment with This Powders to Increase Agricultural Crop Pathogen Resistance and Productivity

#2858Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Phytosanitary of Greenhouse Agroecosystem

Biological Principles of Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae, Heterorhabditidae) in Phytosanitary Optimization of Greenhouse Agroecosistem

#2972Fungicide for the Protection of Cereal

The Development of Biological Fungicide for the Protection of Cereal Against Phytopathogenic Fungi

#3415Light Convertors for Greenhouses

Development of New Light Transforming Materials for Fast Growing of Plants in Greenhouses

#A-1773Environmental Risk of Genetically Modified Crops

Assessment of the Food Safety Issues Related to Genetically Modified Crops in Armenia

#A-2031Wide-ranging anti-hail protection network

Development of prototypes of an autonomous and automate operating hail preventing system and of a wide-ranging anti-hail protection network

#A-2170An automate operating hail preventing sonic generator

Development and field trial of a prototype of an autonomous and automate operating hail preventing sonic generator

#A-2296Providing electromagnetic safety of the population

Study of the mechanisms of action of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on biological systems for providing electromagnetic safety of the population

#A-2425Experimental researches of spectral and angular peculiarities of hail intrinsic radio emission.

Experimental researches of spectral and angular peculiarities of hail and hail generative clouds intrinsic radio emissions for hail early detection and prediction.

#A-565Genetic Control of Pests

The Development of Biotechnology of the Environmentally Friendly Genetic Technique of Codling Moth Control

#B-1626Electronic Auxanometry of Plants

Elaboration of the Device for Electronic Auxanometry of Agricultural Plants