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#3982Supramolecular Aqueous Systems for Biomedical Applications

Supramolecular Nanostructured Aqueous Solutions and Gels of Low Concentrations as a Basis for Novel Pharmaceutical Formulations

#A-1017Radiomodifying and Antioxidant Plant Composites

Plant Composites from Specimens of Southern Caucasian Flora as Radiomodifying and Antioxidant Agents

#A-1677Potential Active Amino Acids and Peptides

The Synthesis of Potential Biologically Active Heterocycle Substituted a-Amino Acids and Peptides. Investigation of their Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antitumor Properties

#A-1764Antitumor and Radiomodifying Organometallic Copper Complexes

Novel Radiomodifying and Antitumor Agents: Research and Development of New Radiomodifying and Antitumor Organometallic Copper Complexes

#A-1771Onco- and Radioprotectors

Development and Study of New Onco- and Radioprotectors on the Base of Biologically Active Compounds of 1,3-Diazaadamantane in Experiment

#A-361New Amino Acid Derivatives Synthesis

Synthesis of New Ethyl Ethers and Salts of Transition Metals of N-substituted Amino-acid Shiff Bases: Study of the Antioxidant and Radiation Protective Activity

#A-948Polymers for Radiation and Thermal Burns Treatment

Research and Development of New Polymer Materials for Treatment of Radiation/Thermal Burns