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#A-454.2Disposal Site for Radioactive Waste in Armenia

Research on Selection of the Long-Term Disposal Site for the Radioactive Waste of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (Phase I: Selection of Suitable Sites)

#A-976Coolant System Safety of Armenian NPP

Research on Confinement Strength During Large Break of Primary Coolant System for Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP)

#A-1492Safety of Armenian NPP

Mathematical model of probabilistic safety analysis for the Armenian NPP with ageing effects consideration

#A-1837Safety and Integrity of Nuclear Fuel

Development of Neutronics Model for the Use in the Analysis of Fuel Safety and Fuel Cladding Mechanical Integrity

#A-2227WWER Fuel with accident tolerant cladding

Study of Accident-Tolerant Claddings for WWER Type Fuel