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#A-1247Non-Protein Amino Acids and Peptides

Synthesis and Screening of Non-Protein Amino Acids and Peptides as Potential Constituents of Radiomodifying and Pharmacological Agents

#A-1321Radioprotective and Radiorecovery Agents

Radioprotective and Radiorecovery Cu and Mn Nicotinyl-L-Amino Acid Schiff Base Chelates

#A-1358Thromboresistant Polymers for Implantants

Development and Study on Thromboresistant Polymers and Coverings for Implantants and Miscellaneous Medical Articles

#A-1243.2Deactivating Polymeric Compositions

Elaboration of New Highly Effective Polymeric Compositions on Water Basis of Multifunctional Significance, Providing Reliable Protection, Localization and Isolation of Different Surfaces from Radioactive Pollutions

#A-1578Radiation Injuries Treatment

Development of Prophylaxis and Therapy Methods of Radiation Injuries by new Radioprotectors in Combination with Stimulation of Nonspecific Body Resistance

#A-1841Biodegradable Fe-stents

Development in Pure Iron Biodegradable Stents: Fe-Stent, Polymer-Coated, and Drug Eluting Stents

#A-1936Polymeric Radioprotectors

Development of New Effective Low Toxic Polymeric Radioprotectors and Radioactive Metal Binding Agents on the Basis of Biocompatible Copolymers of N-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone and Vinyl Alcohol

#A-2043Organic Copper Complexes

Organic Copper Complexes for Radiation Protection and Cancer Therapy: From Research to Market

#A-2115Biodegradable stents

Development in iron biodegradable stents: Fe-stent, polymer-coated, and drug eluting stents