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#A-1220Antibacterial, Antitumor and Antiviral Compounds

New 2-Aryl and 2-Heterylprolines as Antibacterial, Antitumor and Anti-HIV-1 Agents: Synthesis and Structure - Activity Relationship Investigations

#A-1228Radioprotective and Antiviral Means

Elaboration and Investigation of Prospective Means Having Radioprotective and Antiviral Activities against the Sequels of Bioterrorism

#A-1563Antitumoural Nanocomposites

Formation of Metal Oxide Nanocomposites with Anticancer Activity from the Salicylidene Amino Acids Family

#A-1578Radiation Injuries Treatment

Development of Prophylaxis and Therapy Methods of Radiation Injuries by new Radioprotectors in Combination with Stimulation of Nonspecific Body Resistance

#A-160Psychotropic Drugs

Investigation in the Field of Synthesis of the New Condensed Polyheterocycles for Development of the Effective Psychotropic Drugs

#A-184Search for New Radioprotectors

Search for New Radioprotective Preparations

#A-328Photocatalytic Purification of Waste Water

Development of Technique of Photocatalytic Purification of Waste Water

#A-329Oxide Hydrosols for Sol-Gel Technique

Development of New Methods of Deriving Stable Oxide Hydrosols, Research of Their Properties and Application in the Sol-Gel Technique

#A-545Polymeric Composite Materials

Frontal Radical Homo- and Co-Polymerization of the Crystalline Powdery Monomers and Formation of Diverse Polymeric Disperse-Filled Composition Materials

#A-649Properties of Benzoquinazolines

Benzo[h]quinazolines: Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis and Study

#A-682Action of Damaging Factors on an Organism of Mammals

Studies on the Damaging Action of Extreme Physical-Chemical Factors on the Functioning of Mammal Nervous, Immune, Haemopoietic Systems and the Protective Influence of Some Biologically Active Compounds

#A-960Design and Synthesis of Anti-Viral and Cardio-Vascular Remedies

Design and Synthesis of Compounds Possessing of Anti-Viral (Anti-HIV) Action and/or Regulating the Activity of Cardio-Vascular System