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#A-1630Biologically Important Metalloporphyrin Reactions with Small Molecules

Mechanistic Studies of Metalloporphyrin Reactions with Small Molecules Relevant to the Regulatory Roles of Heme Proteins in Mammalian Biology

#A-1637Nonlinear Optical Piezoelectric Materials

New Nonlinear Optical, Piezoelectric, Pyroelectric Materials Based on L-Nitroarginine

#A-1696Electric Fields in Biomolecules

Study of Electric Fields in Biomolecules by NMR Spectroscopy

#A-1771Onco- and Radioprotectors

Development and Study of New Onco- and Radioprotectors on the Base of Biologically Active Compounds of 1,3-Diazaadamantane in Experiment

#A-1788Laser Therapy of Radiation-Thermal Affection

The Effective Methods of Antibioterrorizm at Burn Wounds as a Risk Factor of the Radiation – Thermal Affection

#A-1789Cell dehydration Role in Cancer Risk

The Study of the Primary Role of Aging-Induced Cell Dehydration in the Increase of Cancer Risk

#A-1902Antioxidant Therapy and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis and Therapeutic Effectiveness of Newly Synthesized Compounds with Antioxidant Activity

#A-1962Antitumoral Zinc Oxide Composite Drugs

Development of Zinc Oxide Composites of Antitumor Drugs and Antitumor Compounds with High Antitumor Activity and Low Toxicity

#A-2205Antibiotic Metal Oxide Composites Drugs

Development of nanosize metal oxide (ZnO, ZnO/Ag) composite antibiotic drugs with high antibacterial activity and efficiency to bacteria associated infections.