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#1902Nervous Stresses in Industry Environment

The Development of Ecopsychologic Methods for Evaluation and Prophylactics of Nervous and Psychic Strain in Population Inhabiting the Regions with Disposition of Potentially Dangerous Industry Objects

#2340Pharmacological Correction of Reproductive Function Disorder

Experimental Study of Pharmacological Possibility for Correcting of Male Reproductive Function Induced by Trimethylphosphate

#2345Diagnosing of Poisoning Cases with Organic Phosphate Substances

Developing a Computer Software Program: Differential Diagnosing of Acute Poisoning Cases with Organic Phosphate Substances

#2733Exposure Levels for Hazardous Substances

Development of Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Substances

#3316Decontamination Safety Standards

Surface Decontamination after Chemical Terrorism: Safety Standards Development

#3320Determination of Organophosphorus Agents in Air

Development of Analytical Methodology for Quantitative Determination of Organophosphorus Chemical Agents in Air

#3328Biomarkers of Exposure to Organophosphorous Substances

Studying of Human Blood Cholinesterase Molecular Forms as Biomarkers of Exposure to Organophosphorus Substances

#3645Allowable Soil Contamination

Experimental Substantiation of Maximum Permissible Soil Contamination after Chemical Terrorist Acts