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#K-1400Extraction, Detoxication and Utilization of Arsenic

Extraction, Detoxication and Utilization of Arsenic in the Processing of Mineral and Technogenic Raw Materials

#K-1414Grain-Sowing Regions of Kazakhstan

Analysis of Parameters of Agro Ecological Systems Stable Functioning of Grain-Sowing Regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

#K-1427Detection of Mycobacteria Using Chromatography

Detection and Identification of Mycobacteria Using Chromatography. The Study of the Peculiarities of Composition, Profile of Fatty and Mycolic Acids of Drug-Resistant M. Tuberculosis

#K-1473Atmosphere Monitoring at Kazakhstan Cities

Ecological Monitoring of Atmospheric Air in Astana and Stepnogorsk

#K-1875Sorption of Detrimental Impurities from Sewage

Purification of Industrial and Domestic Sewage from Arsenic, Chrome and other Detrimental Impurities

#K-1955Obsolete Organic Pesticides in Kazakhstan

Occurrence, Distribution and Fate of Obsolete Organic Pesticides in Southern and Northern Kazakhstan

#K-1960Soil Fertility Increase

Soil Fertility Increase by the Improvement of Structural Aggregates under the Application of Biochar and Fertilizers in Vegetable and Grain Crop Rotation

#K-2155Processing Solid Arsenic-containing Waste

Development of Effective Technologies for Processing Solid Arsenic-containing Waste of the Copper Production