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#G-1025Decorporators of Radionuclides

Development of Chelating Agents from Natural Sources for the Decorporation of Radionuclides

#G-1127Online Assessment of Influence in Monitoring System

Hilbert Transform- and Bi-Orthogonal Decomposition-Based Online Methods for Determination of a True Influences in the Seismic and Ecological Monitoring Systems (Including a Ground True Motion Restoring)

#G-1294Monitoring of Kura River in Georgia

Investigation of Pollution by Radionuclides, Toxic Elements and Creation of the Radiation and Hydrochemical Monitoring System of the R. Kura Basin in Georgia

#G-989Influence of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field on Animals

Complex Study of Neurological, Cardiological and Hematological Correlates of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure in Animals