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#0737Optical Superradiance

Optical Superradiance and Transident Processes in Extanded Resonance and Optical Waveguide Media

#0865Hologram Optical Elements

Development and Creation of a Hologram Optical-Element Set for Educational and Experimental Works

#1047Fiber Optic Communication Lines

Development of Methods and Facilities for Spectral Division Multiplexing in Fiber Optic Communication Lines and Local Nets

#2121Photon Echo-Processor

Research and Development of Multichannel Optical Memory and Photon Echo-Processor Based on the Optical Transient Processes in Extended Resonance Media Cooled by Laser Radiation

#3575Nano-Size Periodic Structures

Research and Development of the Methods of Generation of the Nano-Size Periodic Relief-Phase Structures for Optical and Nano-Electronics

#3960Gravitational Waves Detector

Development of an Active Double-Resonator Interferometric Detector of Gravitationally Induced Laser Frequency Shift