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#0297Radiation Monitoring of Earth Surface and Atmosphere

Development of Methods of Observation of the Radiation Conditions on the Earth's Surface and in the Atmosphere for Monitoring from a Space Vehicle.

#0604Control of Population Irradiation

Development of Instruments and Methods for the System of Environmental Radiation Monitoring and Control of Irradiation of Population in Russia.

#1373Revealing Individuals with High Radiation Sensitivity

Revealing the Hyperradiosensitive Individuals with the Aim to Reduce the Radiation Risk for Population in Areas with an Elevated Radiation Background

#1383Mineral Color Modification with Proton Beams

Directed Modification of Mineral Coloring with Intensive Proton Beams

#2181Monograph "Mathematical Modeling of Radiation Effects on Mammals"

Monograph "Mathematical Modeling of Radiation Effects on Mammals"

#3182Low-level Long-term Irradiation of Humans

Individual-Based Approach to Assessment of Risk of Low-Level Long-Term Irradiation to Humans: Elaboration the Mathematical Tools