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#1003Monitoring of Electrical Equipment of NPPs

Dose, Temperature and Reliability Monitoring on Electrical Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants and Space Communication Systems

#1921Installation for Demercuryzation

Mining of the Mobile Installation Demercurization of Small-Sized Articles Inclusive Hydrargyrum and it's Connection

#2018New Spectrometry Crystals

CdZnTe Crystalls for Recording and Spectrometry of Nuclear Radiation

#2677Defects in Reactor Materials

Role of Hydrogen in Competitive (Counter) Processes of Defect Formation and Repairing of Defects in Constructional Materials of Reactors at Influence of Gamma-Neutron Radiation

#3024Semiconductor Coordinate-Sensitive Detectors

Semiconductor Coordinate-Sensitive Detectors of Radiation Particles on Basis of Functionally Integrated Pixel Structures

#3950Chemical Vapor Deposition Films for Dosimetry

Development and Production of Multichannel Measuring System with CVD-Films for Clinical Dosimetry