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#T-1171Plague Infections in Tajikistan

Investigation of Epizootological State of Natural Plague Pestholes and Prevention Measures for Plague Infections among Population of the Republic of Tajikistan

#T-1813Natural Plague Pestholes in Tajikistan

Epizootological State and Survey of Natural Plague Pestholes in Tajikistan

#T-1887The Natural Tularemia Foci in Tajikistan

Investigation of the Epizootic State of the Natural Tularemia Foci and Measures on Prevention of People's Infections by Tularemia in the Territory of the Republic of Tajikistan

#T-1890Cholera’s Examination and Prevention in Tajikistan

Epidemiological Surveillance, Laboratory Examination and Measures on Cholera’s Entry and Spread Prevention in the Territory of the Republic of Tajikistan

#T-2037Cholera investigation and prevention in Tajikistan

Cholera epidemiological surveillance, laboratory investigation, and measures on prevention of emergence and spread in Tajikistan

#T-2068Reconstruction of vivarium

Reconstruction of vivarium for breeding and keeping small animals for further use in bacteriological researches

#T-2107Main transmitting agents of tularemia

Study and epizootological research of main carriers and transmitting agents of tularemia in Republic of Tajikistan