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#1640Phytophthora Infestans Resistance

Population Structure of Phytophtora Infestans in European Part of Russia and Resistance of Potato Cultivars

#1721Brown Rust and Host Plant Genetics

Studying the Genetic Structure of Wheat Brown Rust Populations (Puccinia Recondita f. sp. Tritici Erikss. et Henn.), Making a Collection of Fungal Pathotypes and Creation of a Gene Bank of Wheat Resistance to the Pathogen

#2161Genetic Ingeeniring of Crop Chloroplast Genome

Improvement of Economically Important Traits of Agricultural Crops by Foreign Gene Expression in Chloroplasts

#3440Phytophthora Infestans on Potato

Study of Possible Reason of Changes in Genotypic Structure of Phytophthora infestans on Potatoes in Russia