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#1143Terminology Glossary for Nuclear Material Safety

Developing a Computer-Based Terminology Glossary Covering Inregrated Approach to Non-Reactor Nuclear Materials Safety Management

#1224Decision Support System for Contaminated Areas

Development of GIS-DSS Systems for Research, Education and Training in the Context of the Rehabilitation of Contaminated Territories with Consideration of Radioecological, Ecological, and Socio- Economic Factors. (GIS - Geographical Information system; DS

#2578Analysis of Radwaste Transmutation Data

Transmutation of Radioactive Nuclear Waste – Present Status and Requirement for the Problem – Oriented Nuclear Data Base. Approach to Scheduling the Experiments (Reactor, Target, Blanket)

#2779Radioactive Contaminated Territories

Risk Based Land Management, Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development of Radioactive Contaminated Territories