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#1194Special Steel and Welded Joints for Reactors

Testing and Research of 10X9MFB Steel and Its Welded Joints for Application in Reactor Plants with an HTGR and Gas Turbine

#2527Pilot Sample of Ion Plating Facility

Advanced Development of the Unit of Ion Plating with Arc Sources Ensuring Forming of Coatings Without Drops

#2848Computer Complex for Analysis of Radiographic Images

Research and Development of Soft Hardware Family for Computer Analysis and Evaluation of Radiographs for Assurance a Better Ecological Safety of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Nuclear Power Engineering and Chemical Industry Institutions

#3087Early Diagnostics of Heart Disease

Transdermal ME-Method of Early Diagnosis of Cordial Changes

#3555Fusion Welding of Perlite and Austenite Steels

Fusion Welding Methods for Joining of Austenite Class Steels with Perlite Steels with Use of Perlite Material