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#0789Ceramics Thermosynthesis in Combustion Wave

Development of New Resource-Saving Technologies for Ceramic Material Production: High resistant Pigments, Heat Shielding, Plasters, Filters, etc.; by the Method of Controllable Thermosynthesis in Combustion Wave Using Industrial Metal-Containing Wastes

#0792Cyclotron Produced Radioisotopes 97Ru, 178W/178Ta

Development of Methods of the Radioisotope Production of the Cyclotron Type (97Ru and Generator 178W/178Ta) for Medical Purposes

#1292Chemical Tagging of Explosives

Chemical Tagging of Explosives

#1502Thermoconductivity of Heterogeneous Media

Development of Theoretical Basis of Heterogeneous Materials Heat Conductivity Verification of Obtained Relationships

#1545MHD Induced Seismicity

Induced Seismicity Due to Electromagnetic Impact Caused by MHD Generator

#1588Diagnostics of Radionuclides Effects Results

Development of New Methods and Means of Assessing of Consequences of Radionuclide and Heavy Metal Salt Effect, Criteria of Forecasting Physiological State and Productivity of the Farm Animals under Conditions of Ecological Pollution of Environment

#2797Diamond Glasses

Diamond Glasses and Composites Production by Means of High-Pressure-High-Temperature Treatment