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#0710Beta-Alumina Solid Electrolyte

The Solid Electrolyte from Beta -Alumina and Technical Devices Based on it

#0711Mo- and W- Anodes for X-ray Tubes

The Anodes of Power X-ray Tubes on Base of Molybdenum and Tungsten/Molybdenum Single Crystals

#G-059Insulating materials for Radiation Hardened Integrated Circuits

Development of New Type Insulating Material for the Radiation hardened Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Integrated Circuits.

#G-115Contrary Magnetrons

Deposition of Coating from Hard Materials in the Vacuum on Substrate Using the System of Contrary Magnetrons

#G-181Sign-Synthesizing Displays

Research and Development of Highly Efficient Semiconduclive Sign-Synthesizing Analog Displays (Scale Indicators) of Red, Yellow and Green Light Emission