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#0360Flanged Connection for Space Launchers

Flanged Connection with a Static Spherical Bearing.

#0931Hydraulic Systems for Rocket Engines

Technological Enhancement of Control Valve Hydraulic Systems for Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines

#1468Multi-Purpose Gas Dynamic Filter

Development of Multi-Purpose Gas Dynamic Filter (for Cleaning from Dust and Exhausts of Metallurgical, Chemical, Cement, Woodworking and Food Production Enterprises)

#1532Alternatives for Freons

Research and Development of Ozone-Friendly Detergent Agents Alternative to Khladon-R113

#1541Models for Toxic Exhausts Handling

Mathematical Modeling of Processes of Formation and Neutralisation of Toxic Exhausts (Development of Methods and Devices for Neutralisation of Exhausts of Toxic in Thermoenergy Devices and Stands for Rocket Engine Test Runs)

#2160Whirlwind Fluids and the Coherent Hydrodynamical Structures

The Mechanism of Initial Conditions in Formation of Coherent Hydrodynamical Structures and the Incipient Stage of Whirlwind Fluid Formation