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#039110-Meter Telescope

Design of a Large Astronomical Adaptive Telescope of New Generation with Segmented Primary Mirror with 10 Meters in Diameter.

#0404Ozone layer Study

Active-method Study of the Effect of Man-related Reactors on the Ozone Layer.

#1113Air Monitoring by Infrared Laser

Ecological Monitoring Using Multifrequency IR laser. Matematical Modelling and Feasibility Study.

#1294Laser Technology for Remote Treatment of Atomic Equipment

Investigation of Interaction of Laser Radiation with Radioactive Deposits on the metal Surface and Creation of Experimental Stand for Development of Laser Technology for Remote Treatment of Materials Contaminated with Radioactive Substances at the Atomic

#1297Space Debris Monitoring

Principles Construction Development of the Ground Optical Aperture Synthesis System for the Technogenic Pollution Control of Near Space and Earth Shielding from Dangerous Space Objects

#1552Anti Tumors Laser Methods

Investigation of Nonthermal Destruction of Malignant Tumors by Laser Radiation at Different Wavelengths

#1897New Crystals for Nonlinear Optics

Development of a Technology of Growing Mercury Thiogallate and Cadmium-Mercury Thiogallate Nonlinear Crystals for Optical Parametric Oscillators of the Middle Infrared Range Pumped by 1 m Laser Radiation

#1909Laser system of biotransformation and biodestruction

The Development of Laser Systems of Biotransformation and Biodestruction for Production of New Substances and Creation of Highly Effective Methods of Biological Purification

#2334Optical Parametric Oscillator of Mid-IR Range

Development of the Sources of Coherent Radiation of Nanosecond and Picosecond Pulse Duration Tunable in the Broad Region of Medium Infrared

#2335Laser biotechnological cultivation system

The creation of a laser system for cultivation of microbiological objects aimed at the development of new effective industrial biotechnologies

#2444Materials for Laser Frequency Conversion

New Materials for Laser Frequency Doubling System Based on the Non-Stoichiometric Chalcopyrite Structure Crystals

#2639Laser Doppler Oximeter for Medical Microhemodynamic Tomography

Designing a Medical Laser Doppler Device for Tomographic Measurement of Blood Oxygenation in the Microcirculation System

#3411Laser Instrument for Malignant-Tumor Therapy

Development of a Medical Laser Instrument for Photochemical and Hyperthermal Therapy of the Malignant Tumors in the Absence of an Exogenous Photosensitizer

#3448Photodynamic Therapy of Infections

Development of Effective Reactive Oxygen Generation Systems for Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy on the Basis of Cationic Photosensitizers and Coherent and Incoherent Light Sources

#4011Infra-Red Optical Sources

Development of Optical Parametrical Oscillators Tunable in the Mid - IR Region (4.5 – 12 mkm) with a Narrow Spectral Bandwidth of Output Radiation and Increased Conversion Efficiency