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#A-1067Continuous Mineral Fibers

Use of the Armenian Rocks in Manufacturing of Continuous Mineral Fibers

#A-1167Production of better quality perlite fillers

The New Technology for Production of Better Quality Perlite Fillers and Materials on Its Basis

#A-1256Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Technologies

Development of SHS-technologies for SiC, Si3N4 and Ceramic Composites on Their Basis from Rocks

#A-1269Continuous Mineral Fibers and Composites

Production of New Types of Continuous Mineral Fibers and their Application in Polymer Composite Materials

#A-1523Ultraviolet Glass

A New Technology for Obtaining Complex Glass Charge for Manufacture Uviol Glass

#A-1680Nature Stone Materials Deposit Exploitation

Effective Technology of Nature Stone Materials Deposit Exploitation and Recycling of Waste Products for Obtaining of Wares of Various Purpose

#A-1779The Cellular Glass from Rocks

The Cellular Glass Materials Made from Silicate and Aluminosilicate Rocks

#A-1900Thermoregulating Coatings for Space Vehicles

New Technology of Obtaining of Thermoregulating Coatings for Space Vehicles

#A-233Cellular Materials from Natural Glasses

New Cellular Materials from Natural Glasses

#A-873Automatic Control of Surface Polishing

Development of Methods and Means for Estimation of Relation Between Physical-Technical Properties of the Stone Materials and Lustre Index of the Polished Surface under Flow-Production Using Special Lustremeter

#A-971Hydrothermal Synthesis of Glass Complex Charges

Development and Research of Hydrothermal Synthesis of Glass Complex Charges for Production of Special Glasses on the Base of Silica-Containing Rocks