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#0110Mixed Waste Destruction

Development of the technology of catalytic fluidized bed destruction of mixed organic wastes containing radionuclides.

#0383Tritium Contaminated Water Cleaning

Creation of the Technology for Heavy and Light Water Purification from Tritium.

#0896Destruction of Mixed Liquid Waste

Development of Technology of Catalytic Fluidized Bed Destruction of Mixed Liquid Organic Wastes from Radiochemical and Chemical-Metallurgical Plants

#1300Water Purification from Uranium

Fundamentals Development of Purification Technology of Uranium Containing Waste Water by Means of Cation Flocculants and Setting up the Production of the Most Effective of Them at OAO NZHK

#1368Utilisation of Lithium Containing Wastes

Fundamentals Development of Technology and Development of a Pilot Plant for Utilisation of Lithium Containing Wastes at OAO NZHK

#1963Water Desalination by Two-stage Electro-dialysis

New Desalination Technology Based on Two-Stage Electrodialysis for Seawater