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#2576Investigation of Ancient Metal

Investigation of Eastern Europe Ancient Metal by Using of Physics and Material Science Methods

#2636Nonlinear Radar Systems

Development of Systems for Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Observation Based on Nonlinear-Radar Principles

#3116Bacillary spores disinfection

New Approaches to Bacillary Spores Desinfection with the Help of Integrated Influence with Minimal-Optimal Radiation Doses

#3315Air purification by Ozone

Physical Chemistry of Fine Air Purification from Environmentally Hazardous Сhemicals by Ozonation on the Surface of Collector Catalysts for the Case of Diethyl Zinc

#3433Heterogeneous Compositions based on Si, Ge and C

Investigation of the Growth Processes Originating from Gas Phase in Vacuum and Production of Test Heterogeneous Compositions based on IV Group Elements (Si, Ge, C) and their Solid Solutions

#4063Adaptive X-ray Optics

Development of Methods for Controlling X-Ray Beam Parameters for Solving Problems of Adaptive X-Ray Optics in Radiology