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#0242TV Analyzer for Control of Fuel Pellets

Automatic Television Analyzer Development for Industrial Microstructure Control of the Fuel Tablets (ATLANT-TT).

#0344Centrifugal Extractors for Drug Production (R)

Centrifugal Extractors for Processing Medicines.

#0523Cutting of NPP Parts

Research of the Cutting Methods During Withdrawal of NPP from Operation.

#0797.2Safe Operation of VVER Reactor

Methodical Development for WWER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel Safe Operation Lifetime Evaluation Allowing for Anticorrosive Cladding

#1310Installation for Stable Isotopes Separation

Experimental Mock-Up of Centrifugal Extractors for Stable Isotopes Separation.

#1322Ion Beams Surface Treatment

Treatment of Surface with Intense Ion Beams

#1324Plant-Growing Products Processing

New Materials and Technologies for Plant-Growing Products Processing

#1333Properties of Composite Materials

Production, Deformation and Mechanical Properties Investigation of Composite Materials

#1479Centrifugal Extractors for Medicine Production

Continuous Countercurrent Process in Cascade of Centrifugal Extractors for Medicine Production

#1833Pyrotechnical Cutter with Remote Control

Remote Controlled Pyrotechnical Cutter

#1968Intermetallic and Quasicrystalline Aluminum Alloys

Mechanically Alloyd Aluminium Alloys Based on Intermetallic and Quasicrystalline Phases

#2192Surface Treatment with Energy Pulses

Surface Treatment of Dental and Body Implants from Advanced Cytocompatible Materials by Concentrated Pulsed Fluxes of Energy

#2668Affecting of Gamma-Radiating on Paint Protecting Coatings

Study of Affecting of Gamma-Radiation on Polymeric Solutions and their Component for Deriving Paint Coatings with New Service Properties in Operation Conditions of Atomic Productions and NPP

#2718Metal-Polymer Composites and Coats

Metal-Polymer Bearing Composites and Anti-Corrosion Coats on Base of Explosive-Activated Adhesion-Inert Thermoplastics

#2744Dose Rate Detector for NPP’s Accidents

Photon Dose Rate Detector for Accidents of NPPs

#2903Explosive Decontamination Means

Ecological Deactivation/Decommissioning of Radioactive Wastes Storage Facilities

#2919Removable Polymeric Covers for Decontamination

Development of Technology and Complex of Technical Devices for Effective Localization and Decontamination of Chemical and Radioactive Environmental Pollutions by Method of Removable Polymeric Covers

#2983Joining Ultra-Dispersed Materials

Methods of Joining Metallic Ultra-Dispersed Materials

#3024Semiconductor Coordinate-Sensitive Detectors

Semiconductor Coordinate-Sensitive Detectors of Radiation Particles on Basis of Functionally Integrated Pixel Structures

#3028Nanostructure Powders

Nanostructure Microspherical Powders

#3081Mono-block large-sized plates

Development of New Methods of Manufacturing Unique Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

#3081.2Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

Development of New Methods of Manufacturing Unique Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

#3238Polymer-Diamond Nanocomposites

Polymer Composite Materials Reinforced with Diamonds Nanoparticles

#3351Structural-matrix models for Rolling

Development of Structural-Matrix Models for Section and Bar Rolling with Purpose of Increasing Product Quality and Economy of Production

#3553Argon Arc Welding for Pipelines

Improvement of Methods of Automatic Self-Compression Argon Arc Welding for Pipelines

#3555Fusion Welding of Perlite and Austenite Steels

Fusion Welding Methods for Joining of Austenite Class Steels with Perlite Steels with Use of Perlite Material

#3620Diamond Polycrystals Nozzles

Development of Method of Manufacturing Stream-Forming Nozzles and Mouth-Pieces from Diamond Polycrystals for Plants of Gas- and Fluid-Abrasive Treatment

#3633Metal Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by Ultra Fine Particles with High Hardness