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#0272Minor-Actinide Burning in Fast Reactors

Studies of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle to Burn Minor-Actinide.

#0279Extraction of Fission Products from Irradiated Fuel

Studies on Extraction of Fission Products from Fast Reactor Irradiated Fuel with Minor-Actinide Additives.

#0534Uranium Dioxide Properties

Complex Investigation of Uranium Dioxide and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Dioxide Fuel's Properties for Prediction of Performance and Operating Characteristics and Verification of Calculating Models of Fuel elements for Operative and Advanced NPP.

#0534.2Uranium Dioxide Properties

Investigation Properties of Uranium Dioxide Advanced and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium fuels (MOX) for Prediction of Performance and Operating Characteristics to Provide Certification Fuel and Verification of Computational Models for Parameters Definition of Ox

#0597Structure of Irradiated Materials

Fundamental Research of Materials Structure and Properties Changes Resulted from Irradiation by Means of Complex of Modern Physical Methods

#0662Mechanical Characteristic of Cr-Ni Steels

Development of the Long Term prediction Methods for Stress Rupture Strength (SRS) of Chloronium-nickel Austenitic steel on the basis of Shortcut Tests.

#0721In-Pile Tests of Very High Burn-Up Fuel

In-Pile Tests of New Generation Fuels for VVERs of Different Purpose

#0730Molten Salt Fluoride Fuel

Study of Physico-chemical and Electrochemical Properties of the ADTT Fluoride Nuclear Fuel and Foundation of its Reprocessing

#0858Computer Complex for Research Reactors

Multifunctional Computer Complex for Research Reactors

#1195Dynamic Simulator for Power Complex

A Multipurpose Dynamic Electric System Simulator for the RIAR Power Complex

#1289Gamma-Sources Based on Spent Europium Control Rods

Experimental Study of Europium-152, 154, 155 Gamma-Sources, Obtained from Spent Control Rods of Transport, Power and Research Reactors

#1347Lithium Detector of Solar Neutrinos

Development of Lithium Detector of Solar Neutrinos on a Basis of Prototype with 300 kgs of Lithium

#1357Oxide Fuel Pins under Extreme Conditions

Studying Features of Vibropack Oxide Fuel Pins Serviceability under the Limit Operational Parameters

#1443Plutonium Utilization Scenarios

System Analysis of Weapons and Civil Plutonium Utilization Scenarios in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle of Russia Taking into Account Economics, Non-Proliferation and Ecology Factors

#1486Cascade Subcritical Reactor

Experimental and Theoretical Justification of the Cascade Scheme of the Subcritical Molten-Salt Reactor for Transmutation of Long-Lived RW of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

#1648Post-Crash Fuel Reflood

Examination of VVER Fuel Behaviour under Severe Accident Conditions. Quench Stage. (SFD-VVER Project)

#1648.2Post-Crash Fuel Reflood

Examination of VVER Fuel Behavior under Severe Accident Conditions. Quench Stage

#1756Zirconium Alloys High-Frequency Treatment

Investigation of Reactor Irradiation Effect on Radiation Stability and Mechanical Properties of Articles from Zirconium Alloys after High-Speed High-Frequency Treatment

#2024Monograph on Boron in Nuclear Engineering

Preparation of the Monograph "Boron in Nuclear Engineering"

#2066Radiation Resistant Zirconium Alloys

Development of Scientific Fundamentals for Creation of Irradiation Resistant Structural Zr Alloys for Nuclear Reactor Cores

#2092Processing of Weapon Plutonium into MOX-fuel

Processing Compact Weapon Plutonium into MOX-fuel by Anhydrous (Thermochemical and Thermoelectrochemical) Methods for Thermal and Fast Reactors

#2320Tomography for Fuel Elements

Development of the Tomographic Methods of Testing of the Fuel and its Components Distribution in Fuel Elements before and after Irradiation

#2522Neutron Therapy with Cf Source

Development of Treatment Methods, Technical Means and Small Sized Cf-252 Sources for Neutron Brachytherapy

#2680Minor Actinide Transmutation in Nitrides Fuel Environment

MATINE - Study of Minor Actinide Transmutation in Nitrides: Modelling and Measurements of Out-of-pile Properties

#2925Nuclear Data for Minor Actinides Transmutation

Measurement of Transmutation Properties of Minor Actinides Irradiated in Intermediate Reactor Neutron Spectrum

#3261Curium in molten chlorides

Study of Curium Thermodynamics in Molten Chlorides

#3365Experimental Mixed-Oxide Fuel

Fabrication of Experimental CANDU MOX Fuel Pins for Irradiation Testing in the MIR Reactor

#3381Decontamination of Beryllium Waste

Elaboration of Safe Methods for Radioactive Beryllium Waste Decontamination after Operation in a Nuclear Reactor

#3587Monograph on Fuel Elements

Preparation of the Monograph “Fuel Elements with Vibropacked Oxide Fuel”

#3608Minor Actinide Transmutation in Inert Matrices Fuels

MATINE 2- Study of Minor Actinide Transmutation in INErt Matrices Fuels: Modeling, Fabrication and Measurements of Out-of-Pile Properties

#3692Zr-based Alloys under irradiation

Fundamental Investigations of Processes, Responsible for Changes in Crystallographic Texture and Microstructure of Model Samples from Zr-Based Alloys under Neutron Irradiation

#3919Fission Products Release from Heated Fuel

Investigation of Fission Products Release from Uranium Dioxide at Heat up Under Oxidizing and Reducing Media. VERONIKA Project.

#3979Measurement of Surface Segregations in Structural Steels

Development of an Auger Spectroscopy Method for Measurement of Phosphorus Intergranular Segregations in PWR Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels

#3987Neutron Multiplier for ITER Blanket

Examination of Radiation-Induced Damage in Candidate Materials of Neutron Multiplier for the Test Blanket Module of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)

#3991Curium in Metallic Alloys

Study of Curium Thermodynamics in Metallic Alloys