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#B-345Ceramics Processing with SHF Fields

The Investigation of Physical and Chemical Regularities of Syntheses and Sintering of Ceramic Materials by SHF Fields and Development of the Base of Burning Technology of Ceramic Products

#B-541The Image Converter for Middle Infrared Radiation

The Creation of Demonstrative Model of Image Converter for Middle Infrared Radiation

#B-560Optical Diagnostics of Fuel Combustion Products

The Development of Optical Methods and Devices for Diagnostics of Gaseous Fuel Combustion Products

#B-921Microwave Synthesis and Sintering of Piezoceramics

Development and Technology Demonstration of Microwave Synthesis and Sintering of Piezoceramic Elements for Ultrasonic Pulsed Oscillators and Receivers

#B-938Ultrasonic Technologies for Pharmaceutical Industry

Ultrasonic Activation of Crystallisation, Extraction and Emulsification Processes of Medicinal Preparations Production, Investigation of Phycico-Chemical Mechanisms, Development and Demonstration of Technologies