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#B-003Evaluation of Actinide Nuclear Data

Evaluation of Actinide Nuclear Data

#B-110Belarus Territory Rehabilitation

Methodology and Software Tools for Environmental Risk Assessment and Rehabilitation Measures on the Territory of Belarus

#B-262Filters with Isotropic Fiber Sorbents

Developing Isotropic Fiber Sorbent Production Practice and Creating on its Basis a Highly Productive Ammonia-Eliminating Air-Cleaning Filter for Farming Industry

#B-290Microwave Generator

Generation of Electromagnetic Radiation by High-Current Relativistic Electron Beam in Acoustic Undulator

#B-320Urban Development Problem

Environmental Risk Assessment as a Tool for Decision-Making

#B-320.2Urban Development Problems

Environmental Risk Assessment as a Tool for Decision-Making

#B-379Actinide Fission up to 150 MeV

Actinide Nucleon-Indused Fission Cross Sections up to 150 MeV

#B-434Identification of New Pharmacology Active Substances

The Development of New Methods of Purposeful Search for Pharmacologically Active Substances Based on Radiolysis Data for Natural Compounds

#B-921Microwave Synthesis and Sintering of Piezoceramics

Development and Technology Demonstration of Microwave Synthesis and Sintering of Piezoceramic Elements for Ultrasonic Pulsed Oscillators and Receivers