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#2256Internet Education in Nanotechnology

Development of Interactive and Open Learning in Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology

#3323Surface Modification of Materials by Plasma

Surface Modification of Materials by Concentrated Flows of Thermal Heterogeneous Plasma

#B-085Lidar System for Air Pollution Monitoring

Development the Lidar System for Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring on the Base of the Tunable Lasers at the Ultraviolet, Visual and Infrared Spectral Regions

#B-109Chemical Reactor Diagnostics

Development of Methods and Apparatus for Processes Diagnostics in Plasma Reactors at the Neutralization of Chemical Herbiside and Pestiside

#B-200Phototransforming and Photovoltaic Nanostructures

Novel Phototransforming and Photovoltaic Nanostructures of Natural and Synthetic Molecular Subunits

#B-276Mesoscopic Optical Elements

Mesoscopic Light Emmiters, Switches, and Transformers

#B-276.2Mesoscopic Optical Elements

Mesoscopic light emitters, switches, and transformers

#B-307Quantum Conductors and Transistors

Formation and Experimental Investigation of Fundamental Properties of Conductivity in Quantum Conductors and Transistors Using Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)

#B-441Relaxation Processes Related to Biomolecules

Relaxation Processes in Exited Polyatomic Molecules in a Gas Phase as a Model of Fast Structural Changes of Biomolecules

#B-507Software for Satellite Monitoring

Development of Remote Sensing Methods and Hardware to Test and Improve Optical Space Data on the Atmosphere and Earth Surface in Eastern Europe

#B-678Optical Radiation Interaction with Planar Metal Nano-Structures

Complex Investigation of Low-Intensive Optical Radiation Interaction with Aspherical Metal Nanoparticles and Their Planar Structures Ordered in Various Manners