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#1674Burning Processes Ecology

Development of the Burning Process Control Systems in Heat Power Installations Ensuring Ecological Cleanness and Safety of Power Industry Plants

#B-023Human Activity Accidents Simulation

Mathematical Simulation of Natural and Human Activity Accidents and their Influences on Environmental Conditions and Ecology.

#B-1603Alkali Based Borohydrides for Hydrogen Production

Developing the Technology of Hydrogen Production from Alkali Metal Borohydrides and Creating Hydrogen Generator

#B-207Turbulence Structure Models

Study of Turbulent Mixing for Application to Problems in Meteorology/Oceanology, Combustion, and Dispersion

#B-268Pulse Jet Combustion

Pulsed Jet Initiation of Combustion

#B-560Optical Diagnostics of Fuel Combustion Products

The Development of Optical Methods and Devices for Diagnostics of Gaseous Fuel Combustion Products

#B-642Models of Regulatory Processes in a Living Cell

Mathematical Models and Software Development for Investigation of Regulatory Processes in a Living Cell

#B-669Analyzer of Equivalent Circuits

Research, Development and Manufacture of an Experimental Sample of “Analyzer of Equivalent Circuits”

#B-742Strategy for Region Energy System development

Methodology for creation of strategy for Region Energy System development based on Integrated Resource Planning approach. Country Study for the Republic of Belarus