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#B-1190Photocatalysts Based on the Nanoheterostuctures

Development and Investigation of the Novel Effective Photocatalysts Based on the Nanoheterostructures with P-N Junction for Water and Air Purification from Toxic Contaminations

#B-1367Solar Cell for Hydrogen Preparation

Development of Cascade Solar Cell with Heterojunctions on the Basis of Metal Oxides and their Solid Solutions as Breakthrough in the Problem of Hydrogen Preparation from Water

#B-640Biological Activity of Chemical Pollutants

Developing a System for Determination and Prediction of the Biological Activity of Chemical Compounds and Ensuring an Environmental and Chemical Safety on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus

#B-938Ultrasonic Technologies for Pharmaceutical Industry

Ultrasonic Activation of Crystallisation, Extraction and Emulsification Processes of Medicinal Preparations Production, Investigation of Phycico-Chemical Mechanisms, Development and Demonstration of Technologies