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#B-1564Biosensors for Plant Protection Chemical Agents

Development of Biosensor Technology and Equipment for Screening of Plant Protective Chemical Agents, their Monitoring and Control in Environment

#B-1626Electronic Auxanometry of Plants

Elaboration of the Device for Electronic Auxanometry of Agricultural Plants

#B-1721Soil-Ecological Estimation of Agricultural Lands

Development of Instrumentation and Technology for Soil-Ecological Estimation of Agricultural Lands

#B-706Monitoring of Photodynamic Herbicides

Tetrapyrrole-Dependent Photodynamic Herbicides and Production of Devices for Monitoring of Herbicide Action

#B-825Diagnostic and Treatment of Chelicobacteriosis of Stomach

Development of New Methods of the Treatment and Diagnosis Diseases Caused by the Bacterium Helicobacter Pylori

#B-941Signal Transduction in Trans-genic Plants

The Transgenic Plants with Decreased Level of Phospholipase C Genes Expression: the Modification of Signal Transduction Processes in Plant Cells