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#1552Anti Tumors Laser Methods

Investigation of Nonthermal Destruction of Malignant Tumors by Laser Radiation at Different Wavelengths

#2639Laser Doppler Oximeter for Medical Microhemodynamic Tomography

Designing a Medical Laser Doppler Device for Tomographic Measurement of Blood Oxygenation in the Microcirculation System

#2971Photonic-Crystal Structures

Development of Inorganic High Silica Photonic-Crystal Structures

#3411Laser Instrument for Malignant-Tumor Therapy

Development of a Medical Laser Instrument for Photochemical and Hyperthermal Therapy of the Malignant Tumors in the Absence of an Exogenous Photosensitizer

#3497Aberrometric System for Surgery of Eyes

Aberrometric System of New Generation Based on Adaptive Optics for Diagnostics of Human Eye Aberrations for Carrying out Operations in Refractive Surgery

#3683Photonic Crystal Fibers

Development of Photonic Crystal Structures and Fibers Based on Quartz Glass

#3691Medical Applications of Ultrasonic and Optoacoustic

Novel Ultrasonic and Optoacoustic Technologies in Medical Applications: Theoretical Models and Experimental Investigations