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#1825Improvement of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy

Method Development of Essential Increase of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy Resolving Power and of New Type Gamma-Sources Design for Use in This Field

#2555New materials for Osseous Implants

Development of New Materials for Various Types of Osseous Implants

#2616Miniature Tunable Microwave Oscillators

Miniature Tunable Microwave Oscillators Based on Acoustic and Spin-Wave Frequency Selective Elements

#2794Oriented Structure in Multicomponent Metallic Systems

Development of New Methods of Oriented Structure Obtaining in Multicomponent Metallic Systems

#2900Intra-Osseous Implants

New Materials for Intra-Osseous Implants and Methods of Their Biocompatibility Estimation

#3621Near-Surface Plasma

Investigation of the Interaction of the Plasma Flows with the Surface of Solid Bodies in Cryogenic Vacuum

#3754Electron Beam Pumped Semiconductor Lasers

Electron Beam Pumped Lasers of Visible and Ultra-Violet Ranges Based on Quantum-Size Semiconductor Heterostructures