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#0636Giant Magnetoresistance Materials

Development and Investigation of Materials with Giant Magnetoresistance as Basis for Sensors and Devices Controlled by Magnetic Field

#1108Safe Handling of Waste Products

Elaboration of Chemical Engineering Processes for the Safe Handling of Beryllium Waste Products

#1269Basalt fiber Materials

Production of Basalt Fibers, Composite Materials and Manufacturing Articles on Their Basis

#1278Metal Matrix Composite Materials

New Combinations of Materials with Use of Metal Matrix Composites

#1283New Materials for Surgery

New Materials for Surgery

#1285Metallurgical Mini Plants

Technologies and Equipment for Micrometallurgical Plant

#1322Ion Beams Surface Treatment

Treatment of Surface with Intense Ion Beams

#1324Plant-Growing Products Processing

New Materials and Technologies for Plant-Growing Products Processing

#1333Properties of Composite Materials

Production, Deformation and Mechanical Properties Investigation of Composite Materials

#1335Chemical Weapon Utilization in Blast Furnace

The Elaboration of Physical and Chemical Bases of Technology of Safe Destruction of Chemical Weapon with the Use the Blast Process

#1339High-Strength and Creep-Resisting Composites

Development and Investigation of the High-Strength and Creep-Resisting Composites on the Aluminium Base

#1339-2High-Strength and Creep-Resisting Composites

Development and Investigation of the High-Strength and Creep-Resisting Composites on the Aluminium Base

#1499Materials for a Micro Filters

New Materials for a Micro-Filtration

#1829Quasicrystalline Materials with Optimazed Properties

Quasicrystalline Materials with Optimal Properties on the Base of Systems Al-Cu-Fe and Ti-Zr-ТМ

#1833Pyrotechnical Cutter with Remote Control

Remote Controlled Pyrotechnical Cutter

#1852Multifunctional Composite Coating

New Composite Multifunctional Coatings Produced Using SHS-Electrodes

#1859Magnetic Sensors Based on CMR Effect

Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Field Sensors and Devices Controlled by Magnetic Field on the Base of Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials

#1870Nano-Materials in Metal-Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites on the Basis of Nano-Materials

#1921Installation for Demercuryzation

Mining of the Mobile Installation Demercurization of Small-Sized Articles Inclusive Hydrargyrum and it's Connection

#1935Metal - Diamond Powder Composites

Metal-Matrix Composites on the Basis of Nano-Diamond and Nano-Metal Powders

#1964New Luminescent Materials for Displays

Development of New Highly Effective Luminescent Materials for New-Generation Display Devices

#1968Intermetallic and Quasicrystalline Aluminum Alloys

Mechanically Alloyd Aluminium Alloys Based on Intermetallic and Quasicrystalline Phases

#2114Development of Nanostructured Materials

Development of Advanced Nanostructured Metallic Materials by Severe Plastic Deformation Techniques

#2147Ti-Ni-Nb-Alloy-Based Thermomechanical Joints

Development of an Advanced Technology for Safe and Easy-Demountable Thermomechanical Joints Using Ti-Ni-Nb Shape Memory Alloys with a Wide Martensite Hysteresis

#2192Surface Treatment with Energy Pulses

Surface Treatment of Dental and Body Implants from Advanced Cytocompatible Materials by Concentrated Pulsed Fluxes of Energy

#2250High Strength Materials by Dynamic Compaction

New High Strength Materials Produced with Dynamic Compaction and Preliminary Mechanical Alloying

#2385Utilization of Polyethileneterephtolate Waste Unfit for Natural Decomposition

New Methods of Utilization of Polyethileneterephtolate Waste Unfit for Natural Decomposition

#2386Formability of Textured Sheets from Magnesium Alloys

Improvement of Formability of Textured Sheets from Magnesium Alloys

#2455Aluminum Alloys with Ceramic Coatings

Development of Wear-Resisting Materials “Aluminum Alloy-Ceramic Coating” Produced by Shaped Casting and Plasmoelectrolitic Oxidation

#2475Study of Composition and Properties of Red Muds (Slimes)

Study of mineral and element composition, physicochemical and mechanical properties of red muds to elaborate recommendations on their use

#2555New materials for Osseous Implants

Development of New Materials for Various Types of Osseous Implants

#2565New Generation of Semiconductor Materials

New Generation of Semiconductor Materials

#2588New Environmentally Safe Fungicides, Antiseptics, and Bactericides

Synthesis of New Fungicides, Antiseptics, and Bactericides Based on Environmentally Safe Compounds

#2589Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials

Developing the Method of Production of Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials from Inorganic Waste for Use in Inorganic Materials and Organic Preparations for a Wide Range of Application

#2612Matrix Models for Rolling Process

Structure-Matrix Models for Improving Section Rolling and Wire Rod Rolling Processes and Preciseness of Rolled Shapes

#2613Optimization of Magnesium Strips Properties

Effects of Deformation Conditions and Heat Treatments on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Alloy Strips

#2617Composites from Military Scrap

Utilization of Aircraft and Military Technique Scrap Based on Mechanical Alloying Technology for Producing Heat-Resistant Components

#2622Micro-Doping of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys

Micro-Alloying of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys and Optimization of Thermal Treatment Conditions

#2634Shells Piercing by Space Dust Particles

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Piercing Protective Shells by Space Dust Particles in Regime of Ultra-Deep Penetration

#2640Synthesis of Diamond Glass

Synthesis of Nanocomposite Materials on the Basis of Ultra Disperse Diamonds and Nano-Size Non-Diamond Carbon Structure Oxides and Carbonates of Metals

#2656Composite Materials with Nano-Scale Reinforcements

Composite Materials with Nano-Scale Reinforcements

#2657Superconducting Molecular Electronics and Molecular Spintronics

Development of Superconducting and Magnetic Molecular Devices Based on Carbon Nanotubes and DNA Molecules

#2664Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

Methods of Improvement of Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

#2703Modification of the Surface by the Method of Friction Plating

Improvement of Metallic Items’ Service Characteristics due to Modification of Their Surface by the Method of Friction Plating

#2720Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings

Near Real-Time Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings with Images Application

#2723Strength of IF-steels for Automobile Industry

Application of Microalloying for Increase Strength of Drawable IF-steels for Automobile Industry

#2742Application of Nano-Sized Powders

Synthesis and Application of Nano-Sized Powders in Combustion Synthesis and Surface Engineering Technologies

#2797Diamond Glasses

Diamond Glasses and Composites Production by Means of High-Pressure-High-Temperature Treatment

#2912New Quasicrystal-Based Composites

New Quasicrystal-Based Composite Materials for Industrial Applications

#2940Utilization of Solid Organic Waste

New Methods of Utilization of Polyethileneterephthalate Waste Unfit for Self-Decomposition

#2949Animals Sounds for Animals State Monitoring

Development of Acoustical Detection Methods for Ecological Monitoring

#3081Mono-block large-sized plates

Development of New Methods of Manufacturing Unique Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

#3081.2Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

Development of New Methods of Manufacturing Unique Mono-Block Large-Sized Plates

#3168Materials with Antiseptic Protection

Recycling the Solid Industrial and Household Wastes to the New Family of Composite Materials with Antiseptic Protection

#3238Polymer-Diamond Nanocomposites

Polymer Composite Materials Reinforced with Diamonds Nanoparticles

#3293Scintillators for beta-spectroscopy

Technology Development for Growth of Large Volume СаМоО4 Scintillation Сrystal for Double Beta-Decay Experiment in Yang-Yang Korean National Laboratory

#3294Ultraviolet Emitters

Production of ZnO-Based Film Structures Emitting in Blue and Near-UV Spectra

#3322Utilization of Secondary Plastic Materials Unfit to Decomposition

Purification of Environment from Secondary Polyethileneterephthalate Waste on the Base of Development of Resource-Saving Manufacture of High-Performance Goods

#3349Bulk Amorphous Alloys

Investigation of Methods of Manufacture and Deforming Bulk Amorphous Alloys

#3350Biological Surface-Active Substance

Development of biological preparation with surfactant activity

#3351Structural-matrix models for Rolling

Development of Structural-Matrix Models for Section and Bar Rolling with Purpose of Increasing Product Quality and Economy of Production

#3414Polymer – Quasicrystal Composite Materials

Polymer-Quasicrystal Composite Materials with Advanced Physical-Mechanical and Tribological Properties

#3559Power Semiconductor Devices

Creation of Power Semiconductor Devices of New Generation

#3589Multi-functional Biocompatible Coatings

Multi-functional Bioactive Nano-structured Coatings for Load-Bearing Implants

#3601Materials for Rechargeable Batteries

Development and Testing of Nanostructured Oxide Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

#3617Materials with High Magnetocaloric Effect

Searching for and the Development of New Materials with High Magnetocaloric Effect for Ecologically Friendly Refrigeration

#3619Metal Alloys for Mechanical Engineering

Theoretical and Technological Basis of Synthesis of Metal Alloys for Heavy-duty Mechanical-engineering Components

#3620Diamond Polycrystals Nozzles

Development of Method of Manufacturing Stream-Forming Nozzles and Mouth-Pieces from Diamond Polycrystals for Plants of Gas- and Fluid-Abrasive Treatment

#3725Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

Development of Advanced Technology of Thermomechanical Treatment Forming Well-Developed Substructure and Nanocrystalline Structure for Improvement of Functional Properties of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

#3811Reinforced Copper Composite Materials

Copper Composite Materials Reinforced with Powdery Particles

#3832Deposition of Nanostuctured Coatings

Deposition of Nanostuctured Coatings by Friction Cladding Method for Improving Corrosion and Heat Resistance of Steel Parts

#3841Reducing Car Exhaust Toxicity

A System for Reducing Car Exhaust Toxicity Based on a Hydrogen Additive to the Air-Fuel Mixture

#3842Treatment of Cylinder Blocks of Combustion Engines

Hardening of the Working Surface of the Aluminum Cylinder Block for Internal-Combustion Engines by the Microarc Oxidation Method

#3844Gas-Thermal Deposition of Coatings

A Method of Gas-Thermal Deposition of Coatings on the Inner Surfaces of Holes and Its Implementation for Cylinder Blocks of Internal-Combustion Engines

#3893Calcium Molybdate for Low Background Beta Spectrometry

First Growth of the CaMoO4 Crystal with Mo-100 for Double Beta Decay Search in YangYang Underground Laboratory

#3899Mechanical Alloying for Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

Development of Method of Producing Metal Matrix Nanocomposites with Use of Mechanical Alloying

#3945Electro-Friction Plating

Investigation and Development of the Method of Electro-Friction Plating of Machine-Parts’, Tool’s and Other Items’ Surface with the Purpose of Improvement of their Working Capacity

#3946Super-Light Steel High-Pressure Vessels

Development of the Novel Technological Scheme of Manufacturing Super-Light Steel High-Pressure Vessels

#3948Transformation of Nanodiamonds into Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles

Investigation of the Structural Characteristics of Transformation of Nanodiamonds into Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles and Development of the Principles of Designing Composite Materials on their Basis

#3964Super Lightweight Metal-Composite High-Pressure Vessels

Investigation and Development of the Technological Scheme of Manufacturing Super-Light Metal-Composite High-Pressure Vessels

#3997Electrodepositing Nanostructured Composite Coatings

Development of the Method of Electrodepositing Nanostructured Composite Coatings with Improved Engineering Properties

#3999Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

Development of Nanocomposite Coatings for Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

#4056Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds

Investigation of Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds of Detonation Synthesis and Development of Composites with their Application