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#039110-Meter Telescope

Design of a Large Astronomical Adaptive Telescope of New Generation with Segmented Primary Mirror with 10 Meters in Diameter.

#0502Hydraulically Induced Vibrations

Theoretical and test Analysis of Hydraulically Induced Vibrations in Compact Curling Tube Steam Generators.

#2194Super-High-Speed Electric Machines with Magnetic Rotors

Development of Scientific Basis for Creating a New Generation of Super-High-Speed Electric Machines with Magnetic Rotors

#2378Residual Resource Evaluation for Power Equipment

Development of Methods, Equipment and Software for Evaluation of Residual Resource of Elements of Nuclear Power Stations and Oil, Gas Pipelines Transport

#2437Remote Detection of Oil Pollution

Development of Laser Methods for Remote Detection of Oil Pollutions on Disturbed Sea Surface and Measurement of Petrochemical Product Film Thickness

#2597Selective Ash Removing for Plasma

Investigation of Selective Ash Removing for Fusion Plasma

#3202Intelligent Piezocomposite

Development of an Intelligent Composite Material with Piezoelectric Properties

#3653Laser for Remote Oil Pollution Detection

Development of the Prototype of the Laser Device for Remote Oil Pollution Detection and Petrochemical Film Thickness Measurement on the Rough Sea Surface

#3854Semiconducting Spin-Electronics

Development of Physical Principles and Creation of Active Elements of Semiconducting Spintronics Based on Magnetic Nanostructures

#3860Electromagnetic Baikal Experiment

Deep-Water Electromagnetic Experiment in the Baikal Rift Zone