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#0357New Type of High Power Explosive

Scientific and Technological Grounds of Development of the New Type of Commercial Explosives of Higher Power and Safety.

#0425Zirconium Ceramics for Nuclear Reactor

Design of Zircon-based Ceramics for a Nuclear Reactor Core Melt Catcher

#1066Utilization of Heavy Water

Utilization of Heavy Water of Nuclear Industry in Biology and Medicine

#1332Metallurgy with Non Water Liquids

New Solvometallurgical Methods for the Treatment of Mineral and Technogenic Raw Materials of Rare and Non-Ferrous Metals

#3159Safe usage of energetic materials

Development of Oil Recovery Increase Technology for Low-Yield and Abandoned Oil Wells on the Base of Environmental Safe Usage of Energetic Materials

#3175Systems for Intracellular Delivery of Drugs

Novel Self-Organized Macromolecular Systems for Delivery of Drugs and Genetic Material into Living Cells

#3383Nonlinear Optical Materials

Development of Novel Hybrid Glass/Ferroelectric Materials with High Second-Order Optical Nonlinearity

#3891Biomimetics for Detection of Air Pollutants

Intelligent Multifunctional Biomimetics for Optical Nanodevices: New Materials for Environment Protection